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2018 Jeep Compass: rumors and predictions

Updated 11:35 am,
Sept. 27, 2016

At least a year ago, Allpar was told that the 2018 Jeep Compass will sit on a stretched Renegade platform, making it larger than the Renegade but still not as long or wide as the Cherokee. It will, sources have said for well over a year, look like a smaller Jeep Grand Cherokee. Here it is, as predicted:

diesel jeep compass

The new car is a continuation of the original Compass in concept — a tough-bodied light-weight compact crossover with one version that is engineered for off-roading, and others for bad weather or dirt roads, all in a Jeep Grand Cherokee-style skin.


The Compass uses a Chapman (modified MacPherson) suspension. Compared with the current Jeep Compass, the clearance figures are superior for lesser models and similar for the Trailhawk:

 2018 Compass Longitude2018 Compass Trailhawk2016 Compass Latitude2016 Compass Trailhawk
Approach angle28.7° 29.1° 20.6°29.6°
Departure angle31.9° 33.1°28.5°31.2°
Ramp angle23.2° 23.7°20.6°23.6°
Min clearance8.6” 9” 8.1”9.1”
Water crossingNot released18.9”  

Motorchase reported that the higher ground clearance of the Trailhawk was gained through spring changes, mainly, with a small increase from the all-terrain tires.

On June 5, 2015, oh2o wrote that it would differ from the current Compass by also having Grand Cherokee styling inside. He said that the dashboard was similar, though with the JGC’s round vents replaced by uprights on each side of the stereo, given the reduced dashboard width. The shifter is on a flat area of the console, instead of being angled up towards the radio; and there’s no brake lever, because, like the Renegade and Cherokee, it has an electric parking brake.


Of note, he also wrote that the Compass will have an 8.4” touch screen stereo option. The Renegade tops out at five inches. A seven-inch trip computer display will be optional. Outside, the roof appears to be black regardless of the color of the rest of the car. 70% of the chassis is built from high-strength steel.

2017 Jeep Compass

The debut is to be at the Los Angeles Auto Show. It will be made in Mexico and China, with the Chinese plant producing for domestic use only. Production has already begun in Pernambuco, Brazil, where the Compass was shown. Some sources still expected the name “Patriot” to be applied; this always seemed like a long shot, partly for international marketing reasons, but mostly because the Patriot form was inherited by the Renegade while the old Compass form had yet to be released in a new car.


Engines will be the usual wide panoply outside North America, with the 2.4 likely to be the only Trail Rated choice; in the US and Canada, AWD is likely to come with the 2.4 only. It’s possible the Hurricane turbo four will be launched with the Compass, but it’s more likely to be late availability.


The nine-speed is standard in the US and Canada, most likely, with other choices outside North America (Mexico is uncertain). Overall, there will be 17 powertrain options and 100 countries of sale. Ordering opened in Brazil on September 26, 2016; buyers there have a choice of the 2.0 TigerShark (adapted to run on alcohol), connected to a six-speed and driving the front wheels, and the Fiat Multijet 2.0 diesel, with a nine-speed driving all wheels.


All wheel drive systems appear to match the Renegade, but buyers can opt for a Beats music system with an 8.4 inch screen. It will be the first Brazilian-made car with adaptive cruise control, lane change monitor, and front collision warning/prevention — automated parking is also optional. The Compass can be ordered with turn signals on the mirrors.

RedRiderBob contributed to this report and FGA Cheerleader pointed us to the new specs.

The wheelbase for the Compass remains unchanged, down to the millimeter (this might be a reporting error). Cargo space was reported as 14.5 cubic feet (42 with the seats down), but this is based on a local system where space is only measured up to the shelf; the original Compass was around 16 cubic feet under the same system (with the seats up).

 2016 Compass2018 Compass
Length173.4 173.9
0-60 (diesel)?10.0 seconds

There are LEDs in both front and rear, with daytime running lights, fog lights, and projector headlamps on all models; Trailhawk and Limited have optional HIDs. The usual 7-inch trip computer is between the main gauges.

Our renderings and more spy shots

2014 jeep compass

2017 Jeep Compass: mini grand cherokee


rear quarter

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