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2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee: the preview

Updated February 6, 2017
Contains speculation.

The next-generation Jeep Grand Cherokee is due soon, and we already have some idea of what we can expect. What’s more, the road map for the Grand Cherokee is unusually complete with a foreshadowing of the 2022 (or so) lineup.

jeep grand cherokee

Let’s start with the 2018 Grand Cherokee, which is largely similar to the current model. It will have enough re-engineering to get a new body code, but will retain the basic platform — think 2010 vs 2011 Charger. Quite a bit changed, but there were some constants.

The next-generation “PUG” Pentastar V6 may power the lower-level Grand Cherokees, and we may finally see a forced-induction V6 accompanying the Hemi V8, though we’re heard reports of delays there. In any case, we’re now told that the 5.7 Hemi V8 is still good through 2021; after that, it’s likely to disappear.


We don’t see many earth-shattering changes for the next generation. All the gadgets FCA has will be brought to bear, possibly adding 360° views from inside. LED lighting is almost certainly to be an option, or standard on higher-end models. Another UConnect generation is probable, and maybe the touch-screen will be enlarged again. A lighter body seems to be a given, unless safety changes outweigh Jeep’s efforts.

2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee

The SRT 392 is to get a name change — they will be Jeep-exclusive “Trackhawks,” and be “powered by SRT,” according to redriderbob. We might see a Hurricane Four to push mileage up and provide some backup to the diesel.

Moving on, here’s what we know about the next Grand Cherokee after that one, most likely to be launched around 2021-23:

  • It will be based on the same underpinnings as the Alfa Romeo Stelvio, but will likely be highly modified for better off-road capability and to reduce its cost.
  • The V8 option might leave; the United States is expected to drop gas-mileage restrictions, and keeping a large engine bay would make the 392 and Hellcat practical. A dual-turbo V6 would keep 400 horsepower on tap. Even if the US lets gas mileage rise, other countries will keep their rules, and the Grand Cherokee is a global car. The V8 might also stay; the SRT, which needs at least the 392 to stay relevant, is quite profitable and Americans do like V8s.
  • It will remain with rear wheel drive and optional AWD, and not-really-off-road-ready base models.

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