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  • Vanishing Point (PG) - Barry Newman stars as a driver who bets that he can drive a new Dodge Challenger from Denver to San Francisco in 15 hours. Chris Houston notes that several Challengers were used, and the differences can be spotted - also, he says that, just after a crash, while someone is spraying water on the wreckage, the car is a Camaro!
  • Chrysler video set (G) $9.95. Includes "Chrysler Legends," a history of famous Mopars, with owner interviews and 1950s commercials; and a second tape of a 1992 Mopar auto show.
  • Bullitt (PG) $13. Steve McQueen drives an extremely modified Mustang in a high-speed chase (actual speeds up to 115 mph) to catch a bad guy in a lightly modified 1968 Dodge Charger; the Charger is crashed with notable driver effort.
  • Christine (R) $9.95. Meet a 1958 Plymouth that defends itself and fixes itself. Aside from killing people, reminds me of some of my own Plymouths. Dark, though. Here’s an article on the movie.

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