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2013 Chrysler and Fiat cars (part 2)

Part 2 of 4. See Jeep, annual oil changes, colors or Dodge cars or 2013 Dodge and Ram trucks and SUVs

Changes to existing models are mainly based on advance information sent out by Chrylser to internal sources and will not be updated until September 1. New models are based on speculation, rumors, statements, and the Five Year Plan.

Continuing 2013 Chrysler cars

Chrysler 200 / Lancia Flavia

The Chrysler 200 continues for 2013, its final model-year as a Mitsubishi-platform Chrysler-architecture sedan and convertible. The Limited now has a standard V6 and Boston Acoustics speakers; the touchscreen stereo, Bluetooth system, and 18” wheels are optional. The S appearance package is available on Touring and Limited; it is no longer “no charge” on Touring. There are no known changes to 200 Convertible, according to Chrysler PR, other than colors; new colors for both 2013 Chrysler 200 and 200 Convertible are Cashmere, Billet Metallic Silver, and True Blue, which arrive at the cost of Blackberry Pearl and Bright Silver Metallic.

Chrysler 300C / Lancia Thema / Dodge Magnum sedan and wagon

The Chrysler 300C continues while the 300C’s sister for Europe revives memories of exotic big Lancias and gives Lancia a better flagship than the Thesis; parts of it were adapted back again in the 300C Luxury Series.

2013 Chrysler 300C

Allpar member JR200x wrote, correctly, that the Chrysler 300 and 300C would get a simplified lineup for 2013, with four basic Chrysler 300 models for 2013: 300, 300S, 300C, and SRT8, with the Luxury model being a package on top of 300C.

The Hemi V8 is optional on 300S and 300C. Every model, including the base 300, has standard leather, UConnect Voice, and BlueTooth.

Our predictions (save for the wagon) all turned out to be correct. In addition, we have three new items of interest:

    How Launch Control works: When the vehicle is at a complete stop, the driver presses ESC twice, pushes down on the brake with one foot, and applies full throttle briefly with the other. Launch control holds the engine at 1,825 rpm and waits for the driver to release the brake. Launch Control then uses engine torque management to achieve controlled wheelslip for maximum acceleration up to 62 mph (100 kph).

  • NEW> All wheel drive is an option on all models
  • NEW> New Chrysler 300 Glacier combines AWD with various appearance features, and the 300 horsepower setup from the 300S.
  • NEW> Chrysler 300C SRT8 gets three-mode (rather than two-mode) adaptive damping for its suspension; and standard launch control increases straight-line acceleration.
  • Every model, including 300C for the first time, will come with the V6 and eight-speed automatic, standard. The eight-speed will not be coupled to the Hemi, except in the Ram, at least until the Kokomo plant reaches full speed... probably in the 2014 model year.
  • The V6 has been boosted to 300 horsepower on the 300S (but apparently not the others), with the same 31 mpg highway mileage rating. All wheel drive will be available on the base 300, as well.
  • The Beats sound system will be an option on every price class, and will remain standard on 300S.
  • The Safety Tec setup will be split up, with a new Light Group option (ADA) with Smartbeam (“Automatic High Beam Headlamp Control”) and HID Headlamps.
  • New colors will include Granite Crystal, Billet Silver, Jazz Blue and Phantom Black Tri-Coat; a new black painted roof will be available on S and SRT8 models.

Chrysler Town & Country

  • Standard trailer sway damping (using the anti-lock brakes)
  • Power fold-in exterior mirrors standard on Limited, optional on Touring L
  • Non-perforated leather will be included in Touring; Touring L gets Limited wheel, but with a painted finish
  • Standard wheel is 17", up from 16” on some models; all will also get trailer sway dampening and second-row floor mat retainers.
  • New Blu-Ray player option for rear-seat video, coupled to a new, nine-inch rear video screen. HDMI cables will now be available with at least one of video options, with higher capacity power outlets, for XBox (etc) connectivity.
  • New "black and Sandstorm" interior color setup will be added.

2013 Chrysler cars and vans

Chrysler 100 / Lancia Delta: Probably dropped completely from the plan

In 2009, we wrote: “A little Chrysler would be based on the Lancia Delta. Most likely the hatchback Delta won’t translate well to American buyers, so we’ll have to settle for a sedan spinoff.” Karl Öllinger noted that the C-EVO platform is based on the old C cars (Delta/Bravo)... so Dart is somewhat related to the Delta. It now appears that the Chrysler 100 will be a variant on the Dart, perhaps with an enlarged engine bay to accommodate a small V6 instead of the 2.4, and dropping the 2.0 completely. Fiat is already using the Dart, making the Chrysler 100’s place a subject for debate; any larger and it would compete too closely with the Chrysler 200. It might even be somewhat smaller than Dart, coming with a choice of 1.4 turbo or 2.4 gas engines, with perhaps lighter weight.

lancia delta cars - chrysler version

Late-launch: 2014 Chrysler 200 / Lancia Flavia

Much as the rear wheel drive Chrysler Airflite concept made it to the current Sebring on a front wheel drive platform, 200C styling shows up on the scene on Fiat-Chrysler’s C/D-Evo+ platform.  Sold in Europe as a Lancia Flavia, Fiat Group finally has serious contenders for the D-segment battle with Ford Mondeo and VW Passat. See our 2014 Chryslers page for details.

Chrysler 250X / Lancia Agrippa

A Chrysler crossover, based not on the Dodge Journey but on the new CUSW platform, to appear sometime in calendar year 2013.

2014 Chrysler 300C Imperial: unlikely to see production

Standing at the very top of the line, a fully restyled car launched as a production-intent concept, the Chrysler 300C Imperial represents an attempt to move the brand upwards with an extended wheelbase (for luxury car fleet operators) and brand new, Lancia-compatible styling.

2014 Imperial

Fiat 500

Fiat 500 gets a standard “spotter mirror” on all levels, black-and-red leather optional on Sport, darker tinted glass (including on the sunroof), revised instrument icons, new carpet, configurable door locks (allowing the driver’s door to be pushed twice, instead of once, as a "lock all doors"), tire pressure visible in the trip computer, speed-sensitive volume on the premium audio, and heated seats optional with manual transmission. A new, 368-watt, six-speaker-plus-subwoofer Beats premium audio system on Sport and Lounge replaced the Bose system, and there was much rejoicing.

fiat 500 turbo

The Fiat 500 Turbo has a “touring turbo,” essentially a light-pressure turbocharger that does not require all the hard-riding suspension upgrades of the Abarth, but still gives better acceleration than the stock 500. Based on the similar European configuration, most observers expected it to produce around 130 horsepower — it actually came in at 135 horsepower. It uses the Sport’s suspension tuning where possible, with numerous beefed-up components.

Also announced were a 500L (Serbian-made Punto-based four-door car with 500 styling); 500X (crossover based on 500L); 500C Abarth; and 500e (electric).

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