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2013 Ram trucks: What we know, what we predict

It’s 2013 and the Fiat-Chrysler plan is in full swing.  Here’s what we might be seeing from Ram — still technically Dodge Ram — and Dodge SUVs:

Ram pickups and chassis cabs

The 2013 Ram 1500 gets an eight-speed automatic with new Pentastar V6 or carryover Hemi engines. There are also interior and exterior cosmetic changes; overall, it’s a fairly hefty refresh/redesign of the Ram 1500 for 2013, while Ram 2500 gets a CNG option for fleets. There are too many changes to list here, so see them all on our 2013 Ram 1500 page.

2013 Ram pickup

Based on its success as a concept, the Ram 5500 Long Hauler might be launched for the 2013 calendar year (as a 2014), though it’ll more likely appear in 2014 as a 2015. It uses a Kelderman heavy duty air suspension system and extra fuel tanks, and is designed for those who carry heavy loads for very long distances, who want to go without having to refill often.

Ram Long Hauler

The Long Hauler used a rolling lobe, primary air spring, located over the axle (not cantilevered on the forward bar from the frame), according to reader Mike V., whereas the Grand Cherokee uses a supplemental spring. MoparNorm wrote, “The air springs will be only on the rear axle, so there won’t be any impact upon turning radius. There will also be no ‘axle shift’ as the panhard bar prevents that and the control arms keep the axle in place front to rear. Look at the rear of a Wrangler or Ram 1500 and just imagine the coil spring replaced by an air spring, or look at the rear axle of most newer semi truck tractors.”

The Ram 1500 is expected to get an optional VM V6 diesel — prototype trucks were being tested in June 2012, which means they should be arriving in the 2014 model year at the earliest.

Ram Chassis Cab gets bolstered with a 30,000-pound “Max Tow” package. Cargo Van continues without announced changes. Ram 2500 and Ram 3500 lose their DEF exemption; while owners now have to fill a diesel exhaust fluid tank every few months, that cost is more than made up for with considerably increased fuel mileage.

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