2011-2013 Chrysler 300C:
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2013 changes

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For 2013, buyers can get a Chrysler 300C with a V6, and the 300S V6 has a boost to 300 horsepower. The Hemi is now optional on 300S and 300C, while AWD is available on the 300. The company has split up the Light Group (HID headlamps and such) from SafetyTec, while adding rain-sensitive wipers to SafetyTec. The Limited model appears to have been dropped. A black painted roof will be optional on SRT8 and S. Every model, including the base 300, has standard leather. The Beats sound system is optional on all trims, standard on 300S. A new Chrysler 300 Glacier combines AWD with various appearance features, and the 300 horsepower setup from the 300S. New colors include Granite Crystal, Billet Silver, Jazz Blue and Phantom Black Tri-Coat.

(RWD Versions)Chrysler 300 (Base)Chrysler 300CHonda Accord LXFord Taurus SEToyota Camry LCadillac CTS LuxuryMercedes E350
Price (U.S.)$29,995$35,995$21,680$26,600$22,055$38,905$51,000
Horsepower292 (S: 300)292185288178270302
Torque (lb-ft)260260181254170223273
Gas mileage19 city/31 hwy19 city/31 hwy24 city/34 hwy19 city/29 hwy25 city/35 hwy18 city/27 hwy20 city/30 hwy
Rear legroom40.1"40.1"38.5"38.1"38.9"36.135.8"
Heated leatherStandardStandardN/AN/AStandardStandardStandard
Backup cameraN/AStandardStandardN/AN/AN/AOptional
Remote startOptionStandardN/AN/AN/AStandardN/A

2012 changes

The 2012 Chrysler 300 features an optional eight-speed automatic with the V6, which will later be phased in for Hemi models. The 2012 300 SRT8 packs 465 horsepower; and 2012 also brings the Beat-equipped 300 S and high-end Chrysler 300C Luxury Series (née Executive).

chrysler 300C

2011-2013 Chrysler 300C specifications

The base engine on Chrysler 300 is a V6 pushing out 292 horsepower and 260 lb-ft of torque, with better highway mileage than the 2010 V6 and gas mileage rated at 19 city, 31 highway (on AWD models, due to extra demand on the driveline, weight, aerodynamics, and higher-resistance tires, that drops to 18/27). The 300S model has a 300 horsepower version of the V6 engine and a “sport mode.”

The eight-speed automatic dropped V6 0-60 times to 6.6 seconds, while raising gas mileage by around 3-4 mpg. The five-speed automatic, still used on Hemi cars, maintains the same gear ratios, with revised axle ratios. The 5.7 liter Hemi went up slightly to 363 horsepower, but gas mileage increased; 0-60 times are quoted at under 6 seconds.

Europeans also get a 188 hp or 236 hp (their choice) VM diesel, with better gas mileage, more power, quieter operation, and reportedly better durability than the Mercedes diesel used in 2010.

There are four models (and an SRT8 for the 2012 model year): Touring (with V6), Limited (with V6, leather, heated front seats, fog lamps, backup camera, 18-inch chrome wheels, bright door handles, and more), 300C (standard V8), and 300C AWD. For 2013, again, Limited was dropped, 300S added, 300C V6 added.

2012V6 (AWD)V6-8spdHemiSRT8Diesel 1Diesel 2
Horsepower (kW)292 @ 6,350 (218)363 @ 5,200 (270)470188 @ 4,000236 @ 4,000
Torque (Nm)260 @ 4,800 (353)394 @ 4,200 (534)470324 (440) @ 1,600406 (550) @ 1,800
EPA gas mileage18/2719/3116/25 (RWD)14/23  
0-60 time~ 8 ?6.6< 6 sec~ 5 sec (est)10.19.0
Euro l/100km 9.4 (6.7 / 13.9)  7.1 (5.7/9.5)7.1 (5.7 / 9.5)
Mpg from Euro 17/35  25/4125/41

Chrysler 300

2011-14 Chrysler 300
and Chrysler 300C

Chrysler Concorde
Height58.4"58.4" - 59.2” 56"
Weight3,700 - 4,000 lb3,961 - 4,513 lb3,476-3,556 lb
Ground clearance5.6" ?4.7 - 5.0"5.1"
Weight distribution53/47 (V6)52/48 (V6)64/36
Drag coefficient.33.320.312
Interior volume106.6 cubic feet (122.2 EPA)106.3 cubic feet (122.6 EPA)107.6 cubic feet
(126.3 EPA)
Cargo volume15.6 cubic feet (442 L)16.3 cubic feet (500 L)18.7 cubic feet (530L)
Built in...Brampton, Ontario
Front head room38.7 (983)38.6 (974) - Standard
36.9 w/2-pane sunnroof
38.3 (974) - Standard
37.1 (942) - w/moonroof
Front leg room41.8 (1061)41.842.1 (1070)
Front shoulder room59.4 (1510)59.559.1 (1500)
Front hip room55.9 (1420)56.256.4 (1431)
Seat travel10.6 driver, 8.7 passenger10.6 driver, 8.7 pass.8.7 (220)
Rear head room38.0 (965)37.9 standard
36.9 w/2-pane sunroof
37.2 (945)
Rear leg room40.2 (1020)40.1 41.6 (1056)
Rear knee clearance4.8 (122)3.9 5.9 (151)
Rear shoulder room57.7 (1466)57.7 (1465)58.3 (1482)
Rear hip room55.9 56.1 56.8

Competitive Comparisons: Chrysler 300C versus... (2011)

See above for 2013 comparisons.

  Chrysler 300 Limited Honda Accord EX-L Ford Taurus SEL Buick LaCrosse CXL Nissan Altima 3.5 SR Toyota Camry XLE Cadillac CTS Premium
Price (Canada) $34,995 $33,390 $32,499 $34,795 $32,098 $36,410 $44,680
Horsepower 292 271 263 280 270 268 270
Torque 260 254 249 259 258 248 223
EPA gas mileage (US) 18/27 20/30 18/28 17/27 20/27 20/29 18/27
Rear seat legroom 40.1 37.2 38.1 40.5 35.8 38.3 35.0
Heated leather Std Std $1,350 $1,780 $3,850 Std Std
Rear backup camera Std None $,2800 None $3,850 $1,930 With package
Remote start Std $702 Optional Std No $950 Std

Rumors: Were our sources accurate?

2011 Chrysler 300C car rendering
JackRatchett really got it right, front and back

In 2007, long before their release, Allpar reported that the next generation LX (tagged LY) would be:

  • Aerodynamic. Less boxy. Not back to cab forward, but enough to improve noise, fuel economy, and make the cars more elegant.  
  • More fuel efficient. with far better aerodynamics (Styling now reports to Engineering’s Frank Klegon)
  • Modified axle ratios
  • Pentastar V6 engine — the 3.6 liter provides 290 hp with better mileage than the current 250 hp 3.5 liter — more quietly than the Toyota V6. (In the 300 it provides 292 hp).
  • More gears in the transmission (an eight-speed is coming).
  • Better interiors. The next generation of full-sizers will set the standard for the rest of the brands in the divisions.
  • Comfort features. New entertainment systems and driver comfort options.
  • Improve on all-around performance.
  • [2009 prediction] SRT-8s will use a production version of the 392 (6.4) Hemi with 465 hp and MDS for better gas mileage (starting around model-year 2012).
  • [2009 prediction] oh2o wrote that “Chrysler is going to launch a new series of large-screen radios in several 2011 models, which will feature an 8.4" touch screen, with and without navigation. The new radios will be offered in the 2011 Dodge Charger, 2011 Chrysler 300, and 2011 Dodge Journey. 8.4" non-nav touch-screen radios will be standard and the 740N navigation version will be an option on some models and standard on others.”
  • The 300C was to be used as the basis for three Mercedes classes: E, CLS, and R. We don’t know that status of that deal and probably never will. Most likely it went forward. Mercedes is likely to use a 3.2 liter variant of the Pentastar V6.
  • “Dodgeguy1961” reported in 2009 the following engine list for the Chrysler 300 and 300C; a year or so later, he was vindicated by the presence of these engines in the Five Year Plan:
    • 3.0 liter Phoenix V6 (possibly for export)
    • 3.0 liter Mercedes turbodiesel V6 — same as the current version — possibly export-only [replaced by a VM]
    • 3.6 liter Phoenix V6 — we’d guess around 290 hp [we were right]
    • 5.7 liter Hemi MDS/VCT — we’d guess around 360 hp [it's closer to 380]
    • 6.4 liter Hemi (SRT) — we’d guess around 470-490 hp [it ended up at 465]

    Will we get it right for the 2015s?

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