Chrysler Nassau cars, 1955-56, 2000 and 2007 concept

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The 1955-56 Chrysler Nassau cars (by Curtis Redgap)

The Nassau was a sub series of the 1955 Chrysler Windsor Deluxe, a low priced hardtop that replaced the club coupe; the Nassau only lasted into 1956. The Windsor Deluxe Newport was nearly identical, with the same body, and only minor trim differences. No record was kept of how many of each model were sold, but neither seemed popular. Prices ranged from $2,700 to $2,850.

In 1956, the Chrysler line started with seven distinct series, all on the same chassis and 126-inch wheelbase. The basic model was the Windsor (named after the city and the plant that built it), incorporating a four door sedan, a convertible, and a station wagon, and the two-door hardtop dubbed Windsor Nassau; and the Windsor Newport ran to a four door and two door hardtop. All of these were powered by the 331 cubic inch Hemi; while the the New Yorker (including the New Yorker Newport with two door and four door hardtops, and New Yorker St Regis two-door hardtop) was powered by the visually similar 354 cubic inch Hemi V-8.

The 2000 Chrysler Nassau design study

This Chrysler Nassau ended up being produced as the Chrysler 300. It probably would have started around 2003, except that Stuttgart demanded a complete redesign of the almost-ready-to-go LX series so it would use the same rear suspension and electronics as Mercedes would use (because Mercedes is always right). chrysler nassau

2007 Chrysler Nassau concept car

Riding on the current LX platform, this Nassau may be a design study for the LY series, or for the long-wheelbase version of the 300C. (Read about its launch at the 2007 NAIAS show.)

chrysler nassau concept

chrysler nassau

introducing the stylists

inside the chrysler nassau concept car

chrysler nassau trunk


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