Dodge Charger Sales and Production

interior of a Plymouth Sport SatelliteFirst, we will compare Dodge Charger production across all generations, not including the unique South American Dodge Chargers:

charger sales

carsIn this chart, 2005 and 2006 figures are estimated based on US and Canadian sales.

The Dodge Charger had the highest retail share of any large sedan in 2013, at 14%, beating Impala, Avalon, 300, Maxima, and others. Retail sales growth was 85% in 2011, 43% in 2012, and 11% in 2013. Total North American sales for the modern Dodge Charger follow, with the best year in bold:

Year U.S. Sales Canada Production
2005 44,804 2,919 not avail.
2006 114,201 7,440 not avail.
2007 119,289 7,858 123,848
2008 97,367 6,675 116,105
200960,651 4,861 52,961


2011 70,089 4,662 91,523
2012 82,592 4,058 98,280
201398,336 4,588 115,908
201494,099 3,704 111,052

In 2015, the company built 1,334 Dodge Charger Hellcats. 841 went to the US (excluding Puerto Rico with 42), 281 to Canada, and 97 to Mexico; the rest were exported outside North America.

By specialty color, the modern Dodge Charger’s production was:

Model YearColorCodeModelsProduction
2006Go ManGoPVER/T Daytona4,210
Top BananaPYHR/T Daytona4,295
TorRedPR3R/T Daytona2,326
2007Plum CrazyPHGSRT8300
Plum CrazyPHGR/T Daytona1,520
Detonator YellowPYBSRT81,000
SublimePFBR/T Daytona1,650
2008B5 BluePQDSRT81,000
Hemi OrangePLCR/T Daytona1,750
2009Hemi OrangePLCSRT8 Super Bee425
2011Pitch BlackPX8Mopar ’111,500
Toxic OrangePVGAll5,205
2012Blue StreakPCLAll963
Stinger YellowPYVSRT8 Super Bee711
2013Daytona BluePB6R/T Daytona1,229
Plum CrazyPHGSRT8 and SRT8 Super Bee152
Hemi OrangePLCSRT8 and SRT8 Super Bee48
CopperheadPLBSXT and R/T728
2014Plum CrazyPHGR/T and SRT658
Header OrangePL4All1,638
Header OrangePL4SRT Super Bee74
High Octane RedPRR100th Anniversary Edition1,490
2015MY**B5 BluePQDSXT, R/T and SRT2,978
TorRedPR3SXT, R/T and SRT2,272
Total Dodge Charger limited-edition models and paint colors71,768

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