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2013 SRT4 Dart: (probably) upcoming Dodge Dart SRT4

srt4 dart rendering

Based on analysis of the Four Year Plan, some Allpar members have concluded that the SRT people will not produce an SRT Dart. Making a “best in class” car in the turbo-compact line, at a lower price, would be difficult, given competition from Mitsubishi (Evo), Subaru (STi), BMW, and others. Instead, Dodge may provide a good value with a car that can run with the pack but not stand in front of it, and apply the Dodge Dart R/T label. Dodge may (alternatively) provide a car that does not quite run with the Evo/STi/etc pack, but is also priced at a far more attractive point — beating normal compacts for a relatively small premium.

After the success of the original Dodge Neon SRT4 in establishing street credibility for both the Neon and the SRT brand, the creation of an SRT Dart — a Dodge Dart SRT4, if you will — seems almost a given, especially since Chrysler has already gotten 285 horsepower out of the 2.4 liter engine, even without MultiAir or the new “Tiger Shark” head and intake design. Observers believe the production version will likely produce around 300 horsepower, though SRT might tune for a lower peak horsepower number in order to get stronger torque through a wider engine-speed range.

The above “preliminary sketch” was posted by “NeonGTS” at

Allpar reader “m@” caught this Dart-shaped car (below) out on the roads on February 16, 2012; it caught his interest partly because there’s no need for Darts to wear camouflage. (And the car is very well covered.) Based on that, we think it’s likely to be an SRT4 (or SRT Dart) test car.


srt dart spy shot

tail spy shot

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