The Dodge Scooter concept car

The Dodge Scooter was shown in image form, dated 2005, a small, two-door, two-seat, low-slung sports car, which if powered by the 2.4 liter engine could probably do zero to sixty in under six seconds, yet still sell for under $20,000 and make a profit. There could be two versions, one with the 170 hp 2.4 and one with a turbocharged or supercharged version producing well over 225 horsepower, which in a stripped-down, lightweight body would provide terrific acceleration (shades of the ill-fated Copperhead come to mind.)

dodge scooter

The Dodge Scooter may have been the latest incarnation of the Dodge Razor, which could do 0-60 in six seconds using the 2.4 liter turbo engine (see its specifications below). Like Razor, it never went anywhere.

Like the Razor, the Scooter had little in the way of ornamentation. The Razor was a Road Runner type vehicle, without power windows, radio, or other frills, but including four-point racing harnesses.

It is quite possible this is the car that was to be shared with Mercedes - the C-Class replacement on the Mercedes side, and the Crossfire replacement on the Chrysler side.

The Scooter appears to have been succeeded by the Dodge Demon.

Dodge Razor (Dodge Scooter forerunner?) specifications

Dodge Scooter / RazorEngine: 2.4-liter I-4 turbocharged w/intercooler
Estimated Power: 250 bhp. (187 kW)
Estimated Torque: 230 lb.-ft. (312 Nm)
Transmission: Six-speed manual transmission
Drive: Rear-wheel drive
Structure: Lightweight steel unibody
Front suspension: Independent MacPherson setup
Rear suspension: Multi-link independent with coil-over-shock setup
Front wheels: 19" x 7"
Rear wheels: 20" x 7"
Length: 147.8 in. (3754 mm)
razor - Dodge Scooter predecessor?Width: 68.8 in. (1748 mm)
Height: 47.8 in. (1214 mm)
Wheelbase: 98 in. (2489 mm)
Track: Front: 58 in. (1473 mm)
Track: Rear: 60 in. (1524 mm)
Front Overhang: 27.3 in. (693 mm)
Rear Overhang: 22.4 in. (569 mm)
Est. Weight: 2500 lbs. (1134 kg)
0-60 mph. (0-96 km/h): estimated at 6 sec.
Estimated Top Speed: 140 mph. (225 km/h)

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