The 2005-2009 Dodge Magnum

Will the Dodge Magnum return?

2013 dodge magnum

Rumors have been flying that Dodge will be making a new Magnum based on the 2015 Dodge Charger. The car would also be sold in Europe in Lancia form, as may be expected. The car shown above is a rendering which JackRatchett tells us will incorporate an air suspension — so this would be “parking mode.” (No rumors of an air suspension exist, and most likely a production car would use smaller wheels with a greater ride height.)

For brakes, traction control, and the 2.7 liter engine see the main LX page.

Dodge Magnum cars - front

Sales of the Dodge Magnum were promising until the Dodge Charger appeared. Some police departments tried Magnums as test vehicles, but the Charger squad package quickly pushed out the Magnum.

In Europe, the Dodge Magnum was called the Chrysler 300C Touring (and is sold with a 300 front clip and an optional Mercedes diesel).

Dodge brand showed that the brand was associated with being bold and powerful; word associations were power, muscle, unique, sleek, and protective (the best seller at the time was the Ram, and the halo car was the Viper). The Magnum was designed to fill these attributes. The hatchback style gate included about two feet of roof to make it easier to load (without fear of hitting the hatch lid).

Annual model year changes

awd hatch2007 brought a six-CD DVD-based navigation radio with GPS, satellite radio, privacy glass, new wheel and tire options, automatic oil change alert, low-risk deployment air bags, power adjustable pedals, and new colors and packages including a Road/Track Performance Group (big wheels, high-performance tires, 10 more horsepower from engine tuning, performance seats, legacy R/T badging, and luxury options), and the SRT-8 got rear seat video and new colors.

2008 changes included a facelift with a lowered and stretched front grille, chrome elements, dual angled headlamps, a restyled hood for SRT8, optional high intensity discharge (HID) headlamps, and new wheels. The interior was freshened, including the instrument panel, center console, and door trim; chromed highlights throughout the driver’s area; carbon fiber highlights on SRT8; soft touch points throughout the interior, including arm rests on the doors and top of the center console; seat mounted side airbags in addition to side curtain airbags; new radios including MyGIG; Sirius back-seat TV optional; iPod interface on UConnect models; MDs status display (four vs eight cylinders firing) added to Hemi models; and a new tire pressure monitoring system.

The end of production for the Dodge Magnum was announced in late 2007, not long after the 2008 facelift, to cut a shift at the factory (which was quite capable of building all four LX cars at once). The car’s initial popularity faded when the Dodge Charger appeared. According to engineering lead Burke Brown, the original plan was to make Charger, Challenger, Magnum, and 300 simultaneously, but cost cuts ended that plan.

Dodge Magnum acceleration (2005-2008 models)

Engine Power
(hp @ rpm)
(lb-ft @ rpm)
top speed
5.7 V8 340 @ 5,000 390 @ 4,000 6.4 16.3 143 17/23
3.5 V6 250 @ 6,400 250 @ 4,000 9.1 25 117 19/27 RWD
18/24 AWD
2.7 V6 190 @ 6,400 190 @ 4,000 10.5 n/a n/a 21/28 RWD
17/23 AWD
SRT8 425 @ 6,000 420 @ 4800 5.1 12 165 14/20

Note: The Magnum R/T could tow 3,800 pounds. 89 octane was recommended on the 3.5. Our results for the 3.5 and 5.7 are from Michigan State Police tests; the 2.7 is from Chrysler; SRT8 is from various published sources.

The Magnum and 300C were the first modern production vehicles in North America to feature cylinder deactivation. The Multi Displacement System (MDS) seamlessly turned off the fuel consumption in four cylinders of the 5.7-liter HEMI engine when V-8 power is not needed. See our Hemi page.

Dodge Magnum performance in the Michigan State Police tests: September 2004

Engine 0-50 0-90 Quarter Mile 60-0 distance 60-0 deecel. rate
3.5 V6 6.65 19.43 16.94@84.38 143.4 feet 27.01 ft/sec2

Sprints (e.g. 0-60) at some magazines rely on having an expert driver revs high before launching; "seat of the pants" performance of some good sprint cars is poor - e.g. the Matrix XRS, which feels slower in everyday driving than the plain Matrix. We have been told by early testers that even the 2.7 feels strong.

dodge magnum AWD side view


Model Price Features
Magnum SE $21,870 + $625 2.7-liter V-6 with a four-speed automatic. 60/40 split rear folding seat, remote keyless entry, outside temperature display, AM/FM CD radio, manual tilt/telescoping steering column, super access lift gate, reverseable cargo load floor. Options: eight-way power driver's seat, adjustable pedals, rear cargo management system, four-wheel disc antilock brakes, all speed traction control, electronic stability control, and emergency brake assist.
Magnum SXT $25,370+ $625 3.5-liter V-6, four-wheel antilock disc brakes, all speed traction control, electronic stability control (!), emergency brake assist, eight-way power driver's seat, 17-inch aluminum wheels and sunscreen glass. Also available is the Protection Group (including self sealing tires, front and rear side curtain airbags and an air filtration system), Boston Acoustic Premium Sound System, UConnect hands free communication system, sunroof, and heated leather seats. The all wheel drive version, which is more expensive, is expected to use the five-speed automatic. Four-speed automatic in 2005 RWD models; five-speed automatic in all AWD models and 2006+ RWD models.
Magnum R/T $29,370+ $625 Dodge Magnum RT has the V-8 mated to a five-speed automatic transmission with AutoStick®. 18-inch aluminum wheels, dual exhaust, large disc brakes, fog lamps, exterior chrome accents, leather seats, and Boston Acoustic six-speaker 288-watt digital amplifier. 3,800 pound towing capability with optional package.

Dodge Magnum Engineering

Most engineering notes are here.

Exterior styling

According to Chrysler, the low glass-to-body ratio gives Dodge Magnum a protective appearance and an unmistakable road presence. Dodge Magnum cargo areaAn unusually large cargo opening is created by hinging the top of the rear gate midway between the C- and D-pillar (in short, the hatch includes two feet or so of roof). Underneath the fold-flat floor are a spare tire and compartments which can hold flares, jumper cables, and the like. There are also handy side compartments.

Interior styling

The interior matches the exterior, with machined aluminum accents and tunneled gauges. Seats are over two inches higher than in the current LH models for easier entry and exit. The Magnum is finished in dark grey leather with ochre accents, and the instrument panel and door trim are two-tone grey. Four competition-style gauges with aluminum accent rings are designed to remind drivers of the Viper, while the center stack includes a navigation system.

The 60/40 split rear seats stow in the floor and feature a fold-out armrest. The flexible rear cargo area features an upper floor to create a flat-load floor with the rear seats stowed in the forward position. Storage on both sides of the floor offer deep pockets rearward of the wheels. A small, removable cooler docks into an electrical connector on the left side of the compartment to keep items cold.

Production figures were supplied by Claude Lacombe, and are from Chrysler records; rear wheel drive unless otherwise stated.

3.5 AWD3,7971,387657410
3.5 29,10618,02316,9274,047
5.7 AWD3,1183,337553205
5.7 26,8078,0752,603882

Specifications with comparison to Dodge Intrepid

2005 Dodge Magnum 2000 Dodge Intrepid
Wheelbase 120" 113"
Length 198" 209"
Width 74" 74.5"
Height 58.4" 56"
Overhang 34" front, 42.5" rear
Track 63" front/rear 62"
Weight 3,855 - 4,336 lb 3,446-3,556 lb
EPA gas mileage 19/27 (3.5) 18/26 (3.5)
Ground clearance 5.6" 5.1"
Weight distribution 51/49 (V6) 64/36
Interior volume 105.9 cubic feet (133.1 EPA) 107.6 cubic feet
(126.3 EPA)
Cargo volume 27.2 cubic feet (770 L)
71.6 with rear seats folded
18.7 cubic feet (530L)
Built in... Brampton, Ontario
Front head room
(no moonroof)
38.4 (983) 38.3 (974)
Front leg room 41.8 (1061) 42.1 (1070)
Front shoulder room 58.7 59.1 (1500)
Front hip room 56.2 56.4 (1431)
Seat travel 10.6 driver, 8.7 passenger 8.7 (220)
Rear head room 38.1 (968) 37.2 (945)
Rear leg room 40.2 (1020) 41.6 (1056)
Rear knee clearance 4.8 (122) 5.9 (151)
Rear shoulder room 57.6 (1464) 58.3 (1482)
Rear hip room 55.5 (1409) 56.8 (1442)
Cargo bay opening11.3 square feet 

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