Plymouth Factory Tour (circa 1954): Lynch Road Plant

Roe Green supplied this scan of the booklet he received when he visited the Lynch Road Assembly Plant in 1954. Thanks to J.P. Joans and the Chrysler Literature page for sending it our way. Roe wrote:

The Plymouth Plant Tour Booklet is one of my most prized possessions. It's a connection to my Dad and the great times we had working on and talking about cars over many years. After discharge from WW II, my Dad became part of what is now called TACOM (the US Army Tank-Automotive Command). He was in contract compliance and troubleshooting for any type of wheeled and tracked vehicle. In 1954, he was stationed at Plymouth Plant (later Lynch Road Assembly) and the Warren Truck Plant, assuring that the engines (assembled at Lynch Road, then shipped to Warren Truck) and the trucks (built at Warren) were in compliance with the terms of the contract between the Army and Chrysler. While on this assignment, he arranged for me to tour the plant with him; I was eight years old at the time.  Little did I know that, ten years later, I would begin my 37 year career with Chrysler at the Detroit Axle Plant (just east of Lynch Road Assembly).

plymouth plant

plymouth lobby

plymouth lobby

plymouth lobby

plymouth cars

gas tank welding

metal treating

plymouth lobby

lynch road



installing wheels

engine drop


car body drop


roller test





plymouth lobby

assembly plants

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