1966 Chrysler Corporation factories and other facilities

Just how big was Chrysler Corporation in 1966? They were big... and not just in cars. Today, when Chrysler has a single plant making all its sedans and coupes, the size of the company back in 1966 is almost impossible to believe.

Defense and space program plants (1966)

  • Detroit Tank Plant (Warren, MI) — built for World War II; the Army still maintains engineering offices in Warren
  • Scranton Defense (Eynon, PA)

Saturn I rocket

  • Defense Engineering (Center Line, MI)
  • Florida Missile/Space Operations (Cape Kennedy) — Chrysler had a part of the building for their work
  • Huntsville Space Operations Plant (AL) — the first project was Redstone missiles but they later did Moon rocket and M1 tank telemetry
  • Michigan Missile Plant (Sterling Township, MI)
  • Space Divison Michoud Plant (New Orleans, LA) — an absolutely massive facility

1969 car and truck assembly snapshot

Within the United States:

detroit Plymouth factory

Throughout the world:

  • Argentina: Valiant
  • Australia: Valiant, Hillman, Singer, Humber, Dodge trucks (from two plants)
  • Brazil: Simca Esplanada
  • Canada: Plymouth, Dodge, Dodge and Fargo trucks, in five Windsor plants
  • Colombia: Dodge, Dodge trucks
  • France: Simca 1000, 1301, 1501 at Poissy

poissy plant

  • Mexico: Plymouth, Valiant, Barracuda, Dodge, Dart, Dodge trucks
  • Morocco: Simca 1000, 1301
  • Netherlands: Plymouth, Valiant, Barracuda, Dodge, Dart, Dodge and Fargo trucks, Kew trucks
  • Peru: Plymouth, Dodge, Simca 1000, Dodge and Fargo trucks, Kew trucks
  • Philippines: Valiant, Plymouth, Dart, Dodge, Simca 1000, Hillman, Dodge and Fargo trucks, Kew trucks
  • Rhodesia: Commer and Karrier trucks
  • South Africa: Valiant, Barracuda, Dodge, Simca 1000, Hillman, Humber, Dodge, Kew, Commer, Karrier
  • Spain: Dart, Simca 1000, Barreiros
  • Turkey: Dodge, Fargo, DeSoto, and Kew trucks
  • U.K.: Hillman, Sunbeam, Singer, Humber; Kew, Commer, Karrier trucks
  • Venezuela: Plymouth, Valiant, Barracuda, Dodge, Dart, Simca 1000, Hillman, Humber, Dodge and Fargo trucks, Commer

All other 1966 Chrysler factories

Non-automotive: Airtemp (Dayton, OH); Amplex Harper (Detroit); Amplex Trenton (MI); Amplex Van Wert (Ohio); Chrysler Boat Corporation (Plano, TX); Chrysler Outboard Engine (Hartford, WI); Lynch Road Chemical Operations (Detroit); Marine and Industrial Products (Marysville, MI); Trenton Chemical (Trenton, MI); Trenton Friction Materials (MI); West Coast Chemical Operations (Los Angeles, CA).

St. Louis Assembly Plant

Manufacturing plants: Detroit Forge; Detroit Universal; Eight Mile Stamping; Eldon Avenue Axle; Hamtramck Foundry; Highland Park Machining; Huber Avenue Foundry; Indianapolis Electrical; Indianapolis Foundry; Kokomo Casting; Lyons Trim; Mack Avenue Stamping; McGraw Glass; Mound Road Engine; New Castle Forge; New Castle Machining; New Process Gear (Syracuse); Outer Drive Stamping; Sterling Stamping; Trenton Engine; Twinsburg Stamping; Toledo Machining; Vernor Tool and Die; Warren Stamping; Warren Tool and Die; Winfield Foundry

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