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How to stop Chrysler from disappearing (2002)

I am a Chrysler Motors enthusiast, and in case you may not know, Chrysler has been taken over by Daimler-Benz of Germany, circa 1998.

At first, we were all told this would be a great business decision by Robert Eaton and Jurgen Schrempp of Chrysler and Daimler. However, as the months passed, it became clearer and clearer that this new company "DaimlerChrysler" was NOT a merger of equal companies, but a deliberate business buyout by Daimler-Benz.

All staff, stockholders and customers were told that the two companies would merge as equal partners part of a bigger order. Chrysler and Daimler would operate independently, but be held by the holding company "DaimlerChrysler." If there was any benefit, any part of the conglomerate would be able reach into the parts bin and better itself through technology sharing.

None of this has happened.

Morale at Chrysler plants is at an all time, all history low. Many factories that used to belong to Chrysler are being sold away, staff is being laid off or early-retiring. The Chrysler of yesteryear is growing smaller and smaller every month. Chrysler is NOT able to operate independently like we were told. Instead, anything Chrysler does, must receive consent from Stuttgart. Also, all new Chrysler cars from model year 2003 and on are either Mitsubishi or Mercedes half-breeds. Chrysler has no control over its own cars. That does not look like a merger to me. It looks like Daimler is the parent company. The parent that blackballs one of its redheaded American stepchildren.

Are you aware that before the merger, Chrysler corporation had over $9 billion of cash on hand? In the event that if the merger didn't work out, Chrysler could walk away and still function. Well, because of German accounting, DCX does not have to report money travel, and the $9 billion of Chrysler money cannot be found anymore. IT'S GONE! Some say the DCX board took it, some say Schrempp used it for his foolish purchases. Only Schrempp knows!

I want to inform you that there is a group of enthusiasts and staff members who are ready for a new automotive order. Liberate Chrysler from Daimler. Give it to the people that know how to run it. Chrysler was in its best years before the merger. From a Wall Street point of view, there was no logical calling for a merger or buyout of any kind.

Mr. Lee Iacocca has stepped up to the plate and offered his time to once again get Chrysler back on track. You may read his eager interview at Detroit News.

Thank you for your time, we encourage you to help us in our endeavor to bring Chrysler home. We invite you to visit our group's site at

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