Late 1998 news archives

December 30

The 2000 Neon was introduced and we have the details.

December 29

DC says it earned $158 billion in 1998, 13% more than the original companies combined.

December 16

Gary Henson was named senior vice-president of manufacturing to replace retiring Dennis Pawley. He will take responsibility for worldwide assembly, stamping and component manufacturing for former Chrysler brands. Richard Schaum was promoted to senior vice-president for quality and powertrain operations.

December 14

James Holden was placed in charge of worldwide Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge, and Jeep marketing.

December 10

DC will invest $100 million in their Indianapolis Foundry to expand and modernize. The state is giving DC $500,000 to train its 951 workers.

Consumers Digest named the Caravan and Voyager "Best Buys" for the eleventh year in a row in its annual buyer's guide.

December 8

Dennis K. Pawley, who revolutionized CC's manufacturing processes and turned them into among the world's most efficient, will retire to become a manufacturing consultant in January.

December 7

US car sales were surpassed by SUV/minivan/pickup sales for the first time ever this month.

November 20

Due for model year 2001: a Neon-based SUV and a redesigned Jeep Cherokee.

November 18

Bob Eaton made a rather confusing announcement regarding badge engineering and platform design. In brief, he said there will be no badge-engineering between Mercedes and Chrysler products. The upcoming Mercedes minivan may have the same basic platform but will be very different from Chrysler versions in ways other than styling. The new Chrysler design method of using cross-functional teams to design cars will be adopted by Mercedes.

November 17

DaimlerChrysler is increasing 300M production due to high demand in Europe and North America.

November 16

The Chrysler 300M is Motor Trend's 1999 Car of the Year.

The 1999 Grand Cherokee is 4-Wheel & Off-Road's '4x4 of the Year'.

November 13

Chrysler is gone.

The Sterling Heights cloud car plant is being temporarily closed. The Belvidere Neon plant is to be down for about three weeks and will resurface with 2000 Neons in December. Expect delivery to dealers in January.

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