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Car Batteries

From the Mopar Mailing List.

There’s a manufacturer’s shipping code on almost every automobile battery. Since the life you’ll get from the battery is dependent on when it was made, not necessarily when it was put into service, check this code so you can be sure the battery you buy hasn’t been sitting on the shelf for years. The shipping code usually appears on a sticker on the battery or a stamp burned into the battery case itself.

The code is a string of letters numbers, but all the real information you need is in the first two characters. Usually, the code starts with a letter that corresponds with the month — A for January through L for December (some codes omit I; for them, M indicates December). The second character is a numeral that stands for the year. Thus, a code starting A2 indicates that the battery was shipped in January 1992; B2 indicates February 1992, and so on. (Delco used to reverse the letter and the number; a Delco code starting with 2C indicated the battery was shipped in March 1992. One reader report states this is no longer true.)

Note: the information on this page was accurate, to our knowledge, on publication. However, battery-maker practices may change over time.

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