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Fixing 2015 Jeep Renegade sun visors (likely applies to later models)

visor mount

by an Allpar contributor

The visor itself is held on by a hidden Torx T-25 screw. Carefully pry off the cover, which hinges at the corner; pry it out where it curves, then remove the screw.

visor mount

At this point, the visor mount can be rotated so the tang is freed from the roof.

Lower the visor, then unhook the wiring harness.

Taking apart the visor

The flat sliding panel is held on with two tabs, one near the top and one near the bottom; the visor’s plastic, where the panel slides in, is flexible enough that the sliding panel can be removed.

panel extension

sliding panel

The light bulb lens is held on by four tabs (there are two types, with two tabs of each kind). Wedge your fingernail under one end of the lens, then carefully pry up the lens, toward the hinge side. The lens should come out, as though hinged, once both tabs are popped out.

visor bulb lens

visor lens

The mirror is held on by five tabs, two above the hinge, and one on each of the other sides. Pry between the plastic and the “skin” of the visor, starting at one of the corners opposite the hinge. Work toward the center opposite the hinge, to the sides, and to the back. The mirror assembly can’t be taken out unless the visor skin coating has been worked out past the tabs.

mirror back

The bulb/switch board is held on by four tabs. Two are shared with the edge, two are closer to the center. The assembly can be wiggled on the tabs, and the center tabs released; the assembly then comes out, as though on a hinge.



The switch is incredibly simple. The door has a tab that presses two metal contacts together. When reinstalling the circuit board, use a continuity meter to make sure that the switch is working properly (place the meter leads across the two connectors).


meter testing

visor switch

When reinstalling the mirror assembly, first get all five tabs underneath of the flexible plastic skin of the visor, then work the two on the hinge side under the hard edge, then the sides, then the side opposite the hinge. Take care to smooth the plastic skin at each set of tabs, to ensure that the skin isn’t rumpled or wrinkled on reassembly.

mirror install

renegade visor mirror

The flat visor extension merely pushes back in through the slot.

To reinstall the entire visor, first connect the electrical harness. Then push the tang up into the hole, rotate until it’s flat against the headliner, and reinstall the Torx screw. Firmly hand-tighten the fastener, then close the cover.

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