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Mopar taxis, 1935-2003

The reliable 3.5 V6

1997 Plymouth Pronto
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1998 Center for Auto Safety information on Chrysler vehicles

This is a summary, contact CAS at 2001 S Street NW, Washington, DC 20009 for more info. Provide a self-addressed, 55 cent stamped envelope and, if you like, a donation. Comments in parentheses are editorial remarks. Further information is available on the 1989-91 4-speed automatic transmission.

  • FIRES - recalls on 1985-87 turbo models for bad fuel hose connections.
  • Valve cover gaskets on 1989-90 FWD models
  • FIRES - fuel reservoir leaks on 87-89 Omni/Horizon.
  • STALLING - Omni/Horizons mostly, drivability kits issued (2.6?)
  • TIMING CHAINS - 1981-86, Mitsubishi 2.6 liter engine. Chrysler often paid at least partly.
  • POWER STEERING - various FWD models (including minivans), 1981-89. Problems in Saginaw and TRW steering units. TSB 19-01-83.
  • SUSPENSION: 1981-83 K-cars, front crossmember corrosion.
  • SEATS - 1985 Laser, LeBaron, 600, Lancer, Daytona power driver's seat attachment failure.
  • PARK - in column-mounted automatic trans -- 1981-90 vehciles -- NHTSA investigation closed.
  • BRAKES - 1978-92 models, rear brake lockup and master cylinder failure. Pressure may get repairs out of warranty.
    1. ABS in many 1991 vehicles: recalled 91V-1991
    2. ABS in 1992 minivans: may lose fluid, lose ABS - recalled
  • SEAT BELTS: all 1991 models (recalled) - inoperative automatic belts in 1988-89 Shadow/Sundance (recalled)
  • A/C: clutch failure, 1985-86 4-cylinder models. 2 TSBs in those years.
  • TRANSMISSION: 1989-91 models with 4-speed auto are unreliable. 1992-94 models may also have problems.

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Mopar taxis, 1935-2003 The reliable 3.5 V6 1997 Plymouth Pronto