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Secret Car Warranties

"Secret" and Extended Warranties

Most of the information in this section went completely out of date... so it has been removed. It concerned various extended warranties for systems known to be problematic, some public and some not public, as well as the various emissions-systems warranties that apply to all cars. (See your owner's manual.)

Another view on "secret warranties" by Jeff Wilhelm (1999 or so)

Why as a dealer would I want to hide anything that I could possibly get covered under warranty? Chrysler is my best customer. If the is a provision for a warranty repair, I am going to pass that along to my customers. I want them to return to my shop for all their service work. It just doesn’t make any sense to screw the customer over, piss them off and then they not come back. That’s just not good business sense. We have a monthly report called DAZE, (dealers above zone expense) this compares us to other dealers in our mix group. Basically this is for Chrysler to track warranty waste. I f a dealer fixes what needs to be fixed and doesn’t just throw parts at cars, we are never bothered by the zone for anything we do. 5 Star dealer also have the ability to warranty repair that are out of the basic warranty period. This is reserved for first owners, repeat owners and the dealer loyal customers. This is Chrysler’s way of helping us take care of our good customers.

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