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2016-17 and beyond JGC shifter

Discussion in 'Grand Cherokee, Durango, etc' started by DirtyLarry, Dec 19, 2016.

  1. Rick Anderson

    Rick Anderson Active Member

    What do you NOT like about the shift paddles?

    They do NOT work properly?


    You don't use them, and find they just get in the way? (that I can see, many people never shift an automatic manually, having paddles on the steering wheel that get in the way or accidentally bumped and actuate a shift not wanted, could be a PITA, in that case the shifter having the ability bump up/down a gear is preferable, for the rare occasion, like engine braking down a mountainside).
  2. LouJC

    LouJC Member

    I drove 3 different JGCs with the monostable shifter and had no problem with any of them. Maybe because I learned to drive in the old days when the key would come out even if the shifter of an auto trans was not in park. Or if you drove a standard shift, you had to remember to leave it in gear and put on the parking brake. Oh horrors, having to think and pay attention. How quaint and difficult at the same time.
    Back in the old days, for manuals we had 3 speed manuals, 4 speed manuals, 5 speed manuals and Nissan sold one on the FWD Datsun 310 that was different from every other 5 speed on the road. No bleating and howling that I recall...
    PS if I were an engineer, I would not have designed it the way they did, I'd have made the shifter stay in the position that the gear 'should' be in based on past designs. But even though I've driven cars with conventional shifters since 1972, all I had to do was look at the shifter quadrant in the dash cluster to see what gear I was in. Just like driving an auto trans with a column mounted shifter. Remember those?
    Oh and the Fords that used to slip from park into reverse, back in the 70s, I had one of those too, never had a problem with it either. The recall? It was as sticker lol!

    Too bad that technology has the effect it does on people. Making them more lazy and careless.
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  3. valiant67

    valiant67 Rich Corinthian Leather Level III Supporter

    It's nothing new.
    Why did Chrysler do away with push button automatics after 1964?
    Why did GM drop the P-N-D-L-R pattern?
    Not that much different back then than it is now.
  4. hemirunner426

    hemirunner426 Member Level 2 Supporter

    I cannot believe people are still talking about this shifter?
  5. LouJC

    LouJC Member

    I believe that back in the 60s a standard gear position was mandated for automatics (prndl). But the CC push button design used these gear positions; they changed it themselves to make CC cars more acceptable for former GM & Ford owners..
  6. W6PEA

    W6PEA "Old Jarhead" Level 2 Supporter

    The paddles on the steering wheel are in the way. Glad I can de-activate them.
  7. page2171

    page2171 Member Level 2 Supporter

    The only dead horse that gets beat more than this shifter is FCA discontinuing the 200 and Dart.
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  8. Doug D

    Doug D Virginia Gentleman

    Hey, this is Allpar. We beat everything to death and then some. :rolleyes:
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  9. W6PEA

    W6PEA "Old Jarhead" Level 2 Supporter

    I have a friend that had a 63 Dodge Dart it was his father go to work beater. It's now his go to work beater. Slant 6 and push button Torqueflite transmission. The floor board has more holes in it than a kitchen strainer.

    He bought a new Jeep Cherokee 4x2. Sold the Dodge Dart to some Marine a MCAS Miramar.
  10. BobbiBigWheels

    BobbiBigWheels I'm likely at work... Ad-Free Member

    Yes, the de-activation is a good feature for many. I actually have found myself accidentally triggering the paddles when playing with the steering wheel mounted audio controls. I will say also, the paddles are a blast for ripping around though.
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  11. hemirunner426

    hemirunner426 Member Level 2 Supporter

    I love the paddles..instant response!
  12. MJAB

    MJAB Active Member

    In the ZF 8HP the hydraulic fluid is controlled by solenoids, should be 8, some on/off type and most force variable solenoids.
    There is a "mechanical" solenoid to control park hold.
    ATRA webminar slides for ZF8HP

    and this one for the 948TE

    The shifter is only an electric/electronic interface that gives input commands to transmission control module, per se is not part of the transmission.
    In theory it could be a voice activated shifter, touchscreen, ...

    For the ones that doesn't like "by wire" systems, don't get close to an Alfa Romeo Giulia since You'll find a "brake by wire system" (sourced by Continental).
    Very likely will be used in future Dodge and Jeep models too.
  13. W6PEA

    W6PEA "Old Jarhead" Level 2 Supporter

    That is the main reason I do not like the shift paddles on the steering wheel but they are good. Also the fact that you can deactivate them.