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Any updated news on the next gen. Ram 1500?

Discussion in 'Mopar News and Rumors' started by GMtoMoparConvert, Jun 11, 2017.

  1. Mopartial

    Mopartial Fits and Finishes Level III Supporter

    If you are an auto technician, that would explain your lack of bias. I've moved a lot around the country, and most of the 'mechanics' I've met see the brands as just about all the same in quality. durability. I can't actually recall finding what I would describe as a brand enthusiast among any of them. They know something most of us don't and/or choose to ignore, IMO.
    This is one of my favorite YouTube channels and he explains things particularly well, at least to me. I apologize if this appears condescending to you, as it certainly was not intended to be. I have as much respect for good auto technicians as I do good physicians. One may be more vital to us, but it's still about education, skill, and heart.

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  2. crouchta

    crouchta Member

    Since we're talking about opinions..... The Ram doesn't look outdated to me. Just because the "look" has been around longer, that doesn't mean it is outdated. I think it is still the best looking truck out there. The GM twins, as far as basic look goes, haven't changed in 20 years. Yes, I know they have made changes, but in my opinion, they went backwards with the new truck. Same with Ford, the new truck isn't as good looking and looks more outdated with that big barrel grill than the previous did. Do I know the order of the appearances so I can say one is older than the other - sure. But that doesn't mean an appearance is "outdated". Older than a different design? Absolutely. Change doesn't mean "outdated". Words matter.

    That said, maybe the reason Ram sells as it does is because of the total package, not the individual pieces. HEMI is still very good, fuel mileage is very good, transmission is very good, look (in my opinion) is good - both inside and out. I haven't driven a Ford in several years, but I have driven my brother-in-law's new Chevrolet. No thanks, I'll keep my Ram. The interior of his truck is harder to use, the seats are not comfortable....... I could go on. Statistics aren't everything. You buy a truck in the whole. I think the Ram truck, in the whole, is a better truck.
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  3. GasAxe

    GasAxe Active Member

    Agreed. And when the replacement for any all-around great vehicle comes, there is the inevitable, "this isn't as good as the last one" complaints. The current Ram is a stellar truck. Time does march on and it does need a replacement, but you can't knock a great design just because it's getting old. FCA shouldn't just let it get too old.:) See also: Dodge Journey, LX triplets, Wrangler.
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  4. BobbiBigWheels

    BobbiBigWheels I'm likely at work... Ad-Free Member

    The Wrangler ages better, only because people expect a utilitarian vehicle. This new Wrangler is going to floor the YJ/TY/CJ owners of yesteryear. As it is, the current JK has clients saying "this doesn't even drive like a Jeep" when comparing to their old Wranglers.
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  5. srm3500

    srm3500 Member

    I knew about them talking to ZF but I didn't know about Aisin. Now don't get me wrong the Aisin has proved to be a great transmission however it is the price they ask for it that I don't like (in my mind if we have to pay $3000 plus for one I would rather they upgrade to Eaton for $1500 more or make one in house). Didn't Chrysler at one time (approved then canceled by Cerberus? ) have a DC 7 speed strong enough to handle the Cummins?
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  6. valiant67

    valiant67 Rich Corinthian Leather Level III Supporter

    As someone who trades frequently, FCA vehicles get stale. Why buy something you've already had? That ruled out Challenger, Wrangler, Durango, 300, Cherokee, Grand Cherokee. I won't do Ram. So this time I went outside FCA. I couldn't wait any longer on long promised products.
  7. ptschett

    ptschett Member

    Some alternative facts:
    -One man's 'old, outdated' is another man's 'proven design'. And it's still ahead of the competition in some areas. (RamBox option, coil rear suspension where the others still have leafs, EcoDiesel if and when it returns, etc.)
    -Looking new and looking good are two different things. The last Chevy that I thought looked good was 4-5 years ago.
    -The Hemi in a Quad Cab 4x4 with 8-speed and 3.92 gears is plenty fast enough for me, and I know people that are happy with the performance of the Pentastar in a Ram 1500 Crew Cab 4x4. If I want to try to be the fastest thing on the road I'll drive my Challenger, but even then there's a good chance that there eventually will be someone faster.
    -Historically it's seemed like Mopars had less difference between rated and real-world fuel economy than GMs and Fords.
    -Which safety scores are the priority? If I'm not worried about small overlap or roof crush (which I'm not) the Ram is as good as the Ford per IIHS and maybe better in the headlight category.
    -How much payload and towing does one need? From observing the loads my dad has put into or towed with his '09 Ram 1500 on the farm, I expect my '17 to be just fine for me.
    -Which objective measures? I live in a setting where I have about 120 neighbors that have the same garage space as me; the late-model Ram owners like me with the typical 140" wheelbase setup (Quad Cab 6'4", Crew Cab 5'7") have a chance at parking their pickups in their garages if they really need to, but the equivalent Chevys and Fords are 1"-3" longer and have no choice but to park outside.
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  8. crouchta

    crouchta Member

    I've had a 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016. Each was it's own truck, with similarities sure, but each different. New features, new colors......
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  9. wtxiceman

    wtxiceman Member Level III Supporter

    If you don't mind, what did you go with?
  10. haywaj

    haywaj Member

    I have been folowing this but the only info I saw was on the launch date for the HDs, nothing on the transmission. Do you know if they will get more gears than the 6 speed?
  11. ramajama

    ramajama Member

    LOL! Im right there with you brother!
    Ive had 2011, 12,13 and two 2015 models. All different trims and/or configurations. Youre right they were all different in many aspects.
    And I'll add that 2013 was a huge jump forward for the truck. My 2013 Laramie had all the new tech but was a 6 speed. Then I got the sublime 8 speed trucks in 15. GREAT package.
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  12. Chase300

    Chase300 Member

    I don't see that Chevy has caught up to Ram at all.
    Just checking my friends 2015 Chevy prox key/push start, no rear air ducts, no rear storage, no available bed storage, mylink smaller not as responsive as Uconnect, steering wheel looks from the 80's along with the control stalks and no TFT display, just basic gauges w/small info screen. It rides well, and get good FE on highway, but is a dog w/3.09 gears and 6-speed. Tow rating is only I believe 6,500lbs or so.
    He would have been better off buying a Honda Ridgeline.
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  13. WXman

    WXman Member

    A Ford truck engineer told TFL Truck in one of their videos that they have studied this in great detail and in their opinion, 10 speeds is about the maximum you can go before you hit that point of diminishing returns.

    My bet is that now they will start looking at CVT technology as the next advancement for full size trucks.

    My current truck has a 6-speed and it gets the same MPGs that my old 4-speed trucks always got. And from talking to friends with the 8-speed, they're in the same boat. So I don't know how much we're really gaining in the real world. I don't think it's very much at all.
  14. redriderbob

    redriderbob Mopar Guru! Level 2 Supporter

    The test mules you see all the pictures of, are 2019 models. Ram 1500 gets an all new generation and the HD gets a minor update to hold off till 2021.

    I should mention, you might think 2021. Well, why does the Ram HD models not getting the new body work sooner. Simple. The production is moving to the US. It's what I have been told by several sources. From the sounds of it, HD models will join Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer production at Warren. SHAP will run all 1500 production, while the Saltillo, Mexico plant changes for different and new product. It's all part of the plant shifts. Ram HD is a huge profit maker, so they can move production to the States for the higher paying American jobs and Saltillo can run less profitable vehicles due to the lower wages.
  15. suzq044

    suzq044 Resident Photoshop Nerd

    I still love that the Wagoneer/Grand Wagoneer will be based on the HD truck platform, if not share some of the architecture.
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