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Battery/Electrical question

Discussion in 'PT Cruiser' started by bobmct, Jan 16, 2017.

  1. bobmct

    bobmct Member

    Re: 2001 PT Ltd 5sp. 110K miles original owner (ordered 2/14/2000)

    Usually don't drive this much in the winter but its been reasonably nice in New England so I thought I'd take it for a spin. Well, it appears the battery was dead. So I hooked up my charger on 10 amp and let it go for about 6 hrs. The charger read fully charged and even the batt was slightly warm which I believe is normal. But, I have NO ELECTRICAL to the rest of the car. No interior lights, no start, NADA.
    I removed the terminals from the batt and they and the posts look good.
    So, any recommendations on what/where I should look for first?
    Thanks :(
  2. Doug D

    Doug D Virginia Gentleman

    Do have a an actual voltage reading? It should be at least 12.6 volts.

    How long has the vehicle sat without running? Anything over 3 weeks and the battery should be disconnected.

    Even if the battery posts and cable connections look "good" it wouldn't hurt to clean them with a wire brush. A thin film can build up.

    I don't have a battery charger but most times it's recommended to slow charge a battery (2 amps) until it is charged. You should also keep it monitored and not just walk away.
  3. AllanC

    AllanC Active Member

    As mentioned previously make sure the battery posts are shiny clean and the inside surface of the battery cable clamps for positive and negative are shiny clean. They can have slight corrosion that is not noticeable but prevents electrical current flow.

    After that check the PDC (power distribution center) near the battery. There should be a wire from the positive battery cable clamp to a terminal at the PDC. Make sure wire is intact and attachment at the PDC is clean and tight.

    Remove the cover from the PDC. On the underneath side there is a legend for all the fuses and relays. Look at fuse #3, 40 amp. That provides power to the ignition switch. Make sure all fuses are good and not open circuited.
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  4. pt006

    pt006 Member

    Bob; if your not going to start the car for a month, then disconnect the negative battery terminal. [2 weeks if you set the alarm]. You charged the battery OK. The old story about slow charging a dead battery is not necessary. Sometimes a dead battery has to be 'pushed' to get it to start accepting a charge. Once that happens, the charger should be turned down to a lower level. 10 amps sounds good to me. Note that if you left your lights on and you came out to a dead battery, and then got a jump with cables, after your car started it would be dumping ~60 amps into the battery for a while, then lowering the amperage till it was fully charged.

    Slow charging does apply to motorcycle batteries. Small AGM [glass mat] batteries sometimes do strange things when charging.
  5. Doug D

    Doug D Virginia Gentleman

    Back 30 years ago when I had a '82 Kawaski KZ550 (electric start - no kick start) I would store in a friends garage for the winter. When it came to time to get it out of storage I would have the battery checked. If it needed a charge it always was 2 amps. That's why I posted the low amp charge recommendation.
  6. chuzz

    chuzz Active Member

    Pull the battery and check your ground connections on the driver side fender. You MIGHT also have to remove the air box. I do on my turbo.