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Chrysler EV technology

Discussion in 'Chrysler Chat' started by Burningpoop, Feb 14, 2017.

  1. Burningpoop

    Burningpoop New Member

    Couldn't find anything about this, but I'm curious as to what happen to all the EV technology Chrysler had in 2008?


    I believe Chrysler was owned by Cerberus at the time and vowed an EV Wrangler Unlimited, EV Town & Country, and Circuit EV(lotus platform) on dealer lots by 2010. Obviously with different ownership those plans were scrapped, but what happen to all that technology? Granted EV tech is always evolving and so 2008 EV tech is ancient by todays standards. Did FCA use any of the tech to help develop Portal tech?
  2. ImperialCrown

    ImperialCrown Moderator Level III Supporter

    I think that the 'lessons learned' and any patents from the state-of-the-art hybrid and electromotive drive systems are still there in the corporate memory banks. The people may have come and gone. We had the GEM and hybrid Durango/Aspens 10 years ago. We learned a lot at a very difficult time for Chrysler and couldn't sustain real development here. I really thought that the GEM was going to take us out of the electric golf-cart stage into the modern EV stage.
    They just aren't profitable or in-demand at this point. Fuel is cheap and plentiful and gas/diesel truck sales are doing great.
    I'm sure that development is still going on. Batteries are getting better, but still no break-through technology.
  3. Erik Latranyi

    Erik Latranyi Well-Known Member Level III Supporter


    FCA sold GEM to Polaris, including all the IP.
  4. patfromigh

    patfromigh Active Member

    That particular EV technology was entirely supplied by a vendor. I can't remember who it was, but it was a German company. It wasn't Bosch, whose EV system went into the 500E. The Fiat 500E has taught FCA not to be dependent on just one vendor for an entire drivetrain or technology. Most of the vehicles in that 2008 program were REV or Range Extended electric Vehicles.

    The Pacifica's PHEV is a great leap forward. Allegedly any FCA vehicle that uses the 9-speed transaxle, can use the Pacifica's hybrid system. How about a PHEV Jeep Renegade with the 3 cylinder Firefly for keeping things charged?

    Dodge could build the Circuit right now using the Alfa-Romeo 4C as a base. All the parts are there, it would be just a question of putting it all together.
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  5. jerseyjoe

    jerseyjoe Plymouth Makes It

    With all the (ugly) solar panels popping up on houses around here there will be less strain on the delivery system.
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  6. Nell_Z

    Nell_Z New Member

    The Circuit EV was on a Lotus platform. Was that supposed to be made in conjunction with the Tesla Roadster? Did Tesla and Chrysler have something going on back then?
  7. pt006

    pt006 Member

    Joe; just saw a story on the nightly business report [PBS] about a Hawaiian Island that has 50 acres of solar panels, and battery banks that supplies their electricity at night. Elon Musk is involved. Pretty impressive stuff.
  8. patfromigh

    patfromigh Active Member

    No on both questions. The Circuit was simply stealing an idea.