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Instrument cluster 92 Chrysler Fifth Ave. is intermittment

Discussion in 'Technical Support & Help' started by +RBELL, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. +RBELL

    +RBELL New Member

    01/11/17 -
    Several months ago, the complete instrument cluster began to intermittently go on and off at random in both hot and cold weather. Unit cease functioning entirely several weeks ago. I removed this from cluster and followed the diagnostic guidelines published on this site.
    The LCD oil gauge was partly malfunctioning. Since the complete instrument cluster was not working (an asterisk is also flashing near the speedometer gauge), I had the complete instrument cluster checked by Southern Electronics of Richmond, VA. This firm is the successor of Southern Autotroncis who had performed the original diagnostic check on this same cluster in September 1992. They replaced the oil gauge, all bulbs, polished the plastic cluster lens, checked all circuits, to include solder joints, and returned unit to me in 2 days. Total cost $289 (they include shipping both ways at no additional fee).
    Reinstalled the repaired instrument cluster, all gauges work properly when the engine ignition is turned to the ON position. After the engine starts, the instrument cluster ceases to work.
    Question: Is it the small Harris chip on the instrument cluster circuit board that is causing the display to cease functioning or is the instrument cluster not receiving the proper signals from the BCM (body command module)? If it is the BCM, what would cause this to fail?
    The kind assistance of folks on this forum is greatly appreciated.

    Regards, RBell
  2. Bob Lincoln

    Bob Lincoln "CHECK FAULT CODES" Level 2 Supporter