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New 2016 Dart Owner

Discussion in 'Dodge Dart / Viaggio' started by AvengerGuy, Jun 14, 2017.

  1. AvengerGuy

    AvengerGuy Member

    OK, the Dart is not a left-over new car, but a used Dart SXT. With the 2.0L and 6-speed auto. But, it is the Torred color of red and looks and runs great. Had really wanted a 6-speed stick car, but they were all out-of-town, and the ones I most wanted were out-of-state. I just didn't have the time to do what it takes to get one shipped to me. I work a lot of hours, and my schedule is subject to change and it often does. I end up getting called in to work more now than ever, as we are short one person, and people also are using their vacation days. Which explains why I haven't been on here lately as much as I used to.

    My brother went with me and agrees that I not only got a car that I wanted, but I also got exactly what I needed. Most of all I got a very good deal. Only $10,780 before TT&L. Just a heck of a deal. Most of all is it just feels right. That is, when I sit down in the seats, they fit me JUST RIGHT. Presently, seat comfort is one the highest factors in any vehicle purchase. As I've done since about the year 2000, I read lots of owner reviews online in order to be well-informed of all the good and (potentially) bad points of the car. With some glaring exceptions, I found mostly good reviews of the Dart. It's exciting to be in a late-model car again, as my daily driver 1998 Stratus sedan , with only 131K miles, will be 20 years old later this year. In case I haven't mentioned this before, I've wanted a Dart ever since they came out in 2012. Had previously driven a new 2014 SE model with a stick. And, more recently driven a used 2013 with the 1.4L turbo and a stick. It was a fun little car, very enjoyable to drive, but I wanted a newer Dart. Think I'm going to be very happy as I have a 70 mile round-trip commute. And, yes, even though it is not a performance car - which I of course would really like - it has more than adequate performance for my daily commute. Still thinking of the possibility of a Charger or 300 sometime in the future. Just being frugal now cause I need to be.
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  2. JA Cumbo

    JA Cumbo Enjoying the ride. Supporter

    I really miss my 2015 Dart SXT... :-(
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  3. JavelinAMX

    JavelinAMX Active Member


    Congrats! Great to find something that fits you ...

    Important to be pleased with your ride with a required 70 mile round trip daily.

    Here's to several years of pleasant service - Cheers!

  4. wolfsblood07

    wolfsblood07 Member

    Great post. Sounds like you got a good car. I hope the head of FCA reads this.
    By the way I like whenever someone says they wanted a stick shift because that goes against the whole idea of self driving cars! A foolish idea imo.
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  5. Cody's Car Conundrum

    Cody's Car Conundrum New Member

    I wish I had one :(

    Ahem...... that aside, Congrats on the new ride!