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PART TWO ~ 2005 Pt Cruiser Will need new head gasket

Discussion in 'PT Cruiser' started by Fullpass, Jan 25, 2017.

  1. valiant67

    valiant67 Rich Corinthian Leather Level III Supporter

    Coolant returns from the overflow via vacuum so it does not matter that it is lower. In fact since the hose is on the bottom it is always lower.
  2. Fullpass

    Fullpass Member


    Hmm...had been sold some snake oil...The Gum 2 + 2 decarbonizer ~ a joke...give it a 2 removed virtually nothing...of course had removed most with the Prestone engine degreaser. I would not buy 2 + 2 again. Will buy the Prestone engine degreaser again.

    Valves...just happened to pull all 8 intake valves...all cleaned up excellent...Exhaust valves...another story...all 8 pitted on the seating surface, Ordered a complete set...all 16 valves...80 bucks shipped. Could of had the back sides ground on the pitted valves...don't know if I could of had the exhaust valves done for much lower...went new ~ yes after market..

    Ugh...just another week..Note to self on future project...pull exhaust valves...check for pitting

    Valiant67...yes when all the hoses are new...vacuum to the expansion tank works great...these cars/hoses are getting old..prone to leaking that perfect vacuum...just saying.

    Danna44 ...Did find a nice size piece of glass...put the glass on the head surface...dam..that glass is flat..thats a good idea.

    Project put on hold/waiting for New Valves...really don't need the intake valves, but for the price...its like getting them for free.
  3. valiant67

    valiant67 Rich Corinthian Leather Level III Supporter

    The point is unless you mount the expansion tank on top of your hood, you can never count on gravity to return the coolant to the radiator.
    Once it is all together, buy, borrow or rent a cooling system pressure tester. You'll find if the system is tight or not and if not where any leaks are.
    I've got cars much older than your PT and the coolant recovery via vacuum work fine on them with minimal effort.
  4. Fullpass

    Fullpass Member


    No, biggy
    I had just noticed the expansion tank on different PT's located in different places..some up on the fenders near the strut towers...etc...had wondered if it were a design location better than the other...Yes know all about the cooling system pressure tester...and some turbos had them in different locations...etc...ah just waiting for the new wrap this project up...thanks for the input.
  5. pt006

    pt006 Member

    Fullpass; I noticed [from post 24] that you put socks in the engine. Were you hoping the engine would 'heel' itself?

    Post 50 ---- #1 cylinder - 4 o'clock location - looks like the head gasket leaked between the water jacket and the combustion chamber.

    With the valves sitting in place [for the safety of the valve seats], I'd take a half round file held at a 45 angle and break the sharp corner of the combustion chamber edges. Duct tape the end of the file a little. This is to remove 'hot spots' someone else had mentioned. The chambers themselves look pretty smooth to me. A good time to check the spark plug threads. Timing belts last 90,000 to 150,000. Do you feel lucky? Rotate the crankshaft accurately to TDC of # 1 cyl. before you drop the head on if you plan on slipping the old belt on.

    There has been much discussion about valves hitting eachother. Could you put an intake and an exhaust valve opposite eachother into the head. When fully seated, mark the valve stems. Then push both valves out till the valve heads just touch. Mark the valve stems again. Let ink dry [sharpie?]. Remove the valves. Measure the distance between the marks with a rule. Take a picture or two. This is the absolute maximum valve lift [less a little].