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radiator replacement advice needed

Discussion in 'Omni · Horizon and Derivatives' started by 82JustinHorizon, Dec 4, 2016.

  1. 82JustinHorizon

    82JustinHorizon New Member

    Hello all , nice to see this web forum.

    I recently bought an 82 Horizon 1.7 that happens to have a worn out radiator. The Hose adapter locations have become weakened and have some cracks so it is slowly leaking coolant.

    Tried to repair it but it seems to not be worth the risk so decide to replace

    I was able to find 82 replacement radiators but I was just wondering if I need the part for the exact year or if others will fit.

    Thank you for reading
  2. ImperialCrown

    ImperialCrown Moderator Level III Supporter

    Welcome to Allpar. I would go with the specified 1982 replacement. There were differences in cooling fans, A/C (Max Cool) or not and Automatic transaxle or not.
    The 2.2L version was the same radiator, but the upper and lower hoses were different.
    There were 4 different radiators offered. I imagine that the aftermarket radiator is a one-size-fits-all. All 20.5" wide shown on figure 7-1400 (item # 11) here:
    Perform a thorough flush and use an aluminum-safe antifreeze with soft (distilled) water.
  3. 82JustinHorizon

    82JustinHorizon New Member

    Thanks for your reply. I took your advice and TRIED to buy the part for my year, turned out not to be in stock anywhere , so im really hoping the 83 radiator will fit.
  4. 82JustinHorizon

    82JustinHorizon New Member

    my car is non ac and it originally had the larger sized radiator

    it turns out that i ordered a radiator that was to small for the existing upper rad hose , mounting brackets and fan. im not sure if i even had a choice.

    had to bolt on a piece of angled steel with pre drilled holes and got the thing to sit without to much trouble. also had to replace existing upper rad hose. first off put in a straight piece which started kinking really badly so spliced 2 hoses together for a nice fit. used solid copper wire to tie on the fan . also the fan switch sensor was a different size than that which i had from the original rad and instead of getting the part i just installed a toggle switch for when im sitting in traffic. not to sure how wise that choice .

    my new problem is now emerging : the paint is breaking out with spot rust. when i bought the thing the paint was mint and pretty much everything else as well. so i believe that i will need to do something about that in the not to distant future , not sure exactly what though.

    also, can anyone comment on the durability of the clutch in this car? i think i may have been a little rough with it at times but so far seems to be holding up ok.

    also again , ive never owned such an old car . i imagine that certain parts may need to be re greased. i noticed the speedometer seems to be a little jerky maybe needs oil
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  5. Doug D

    Doug D Virginia Gentleman

    Several years ago I picked up a '82 Omni that had the 1.7L/4 speed manual as a run about. It was in rough shape but it passed inspection. I forget how many miles it had - well over 100,000. Never had a problem with the clutch though 1st gear eventually went. Sold it to some Mexicans who drove it starting out in 2nd gear and two years after I sold it, it was still running. When I took it in to have the 1st gear issue checked, the tech said it wasn't worth repairing (it was $300 just to drop the transmission for diagnosis), but he did say the clutch was in good shape.
  6. Bob Lincoln

    Bob Lincoln "CHECK FAULT CODES" Level 2 Supporter

    Test-drove a brand new 78 Horizon and found the clutch to be HORRIBLE. Very grabby, kept stalling it. Took me 20 minutes to go two blocks and park it again.
  7. 82JustinHorizon

    82JustinHorizon New Member

    ya mine feels different but from all the other manual cars ive drivvin but i guess its sposed to be that way