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This is why FCA gets crappy quality reviews. Same old garbage.

Discussion in 'Minivans · Pacifica' started by vipergg, Jun 3, 2017.

  1. vipergg

    vipergg Active Member

    So I have a 2014 Grand Caravan and I'm out doing the bi annual wax job and guess what I see along the front edge of the hood. Yep after 3 whole years the paint is starting to bubble already . 20 years with this problem and they can't figure out how to make a hood that wont bubble or rust after 3 or 4 years. Our last 2 vans did the same thing, to say I'm unhappy is an understatement at this point. And you know they will say that it's not rusted or corroded thru so there is nothing we can do . I have never had any other brand do this . If they don't do something with this I will never buy another FCA product and I will make sure to make this known to anyone I know considering a Chrysler. I'm done with this nonsense .
  2. ImperialCrown

    ImperialCrown Moderator Level III Supporter

    I'm seeing newer Nissans, Mazdas and Fords with the same paint bubbles. In this part of the country, corrosion is rampant.
    My buddy purchased a used 2013 Caravan and noticed the hood paint bubbling at the edge. They replaced it for him as part of the sales agreement.
    Do you have a rust perforation warranty and have you gotten the bubbles documented on a dealer repair order? Even though it is not rusted through yet, it eventually will. This would be a first step in seeing what they could do for you.
    Our service manager was able to get FCA to help out with repairs like this, sometimes by meeting customers halfway. i.e. - If the customer paid for the part, the labor and refinishing cost was covered.
    There are secret warranties and money in the kitty for 'goodwill' repairs when the service or district manager OKs the repair. Customer satisfaction is still important with FCA. My wife had an out-of-warranty transaxle replacement done at no charge.
    You never know until you ask.
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  3. MPE426HEMI

    MPE426HEMI Active Member

    Those DGC hoods are aluminum right? The windshield facing edge on my 2011 Avenger hood is just starting to bubble now. My '06 charger hood, which is also aluminum has paint bubbling and starting to crack at the front lip hem joint. And it's not even out in any weather. Apparently this happens because the aluminum is not prepped right before painting and usually starts around the edges. Being contaminated with iron particles and such can cause this condition. It's a sort of galvanic corrosion that happens from the inside out. Ford had a huge problem with this a few years back with Mustang hoods. Ford replaced hoods for people. I'm guessing they figured all this out before the aluminum truck hit the streets. Aluminum panels have to be prepped and painted in a separate area, away from any steel, to prevent contamination. If I remember correctly, or this is exactly what will happen. I thought FCA had this stuff taken care of, by now.
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  4. Doug D

    Doug D Virginia Gentleman

    No rust or corrosion or bubbles on the hoods of our 2010 Journey nor my '06 Ram 1500. Both have aluminum hoods. In fact neither one has any rust or corrosion. The Ram does have corrosion on two of the aluminum alloy wheels.
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  5. ka9yhd

    ka9yhd Member

    Believe it or not there is no rust on the hood of my 92 Grand Voyager. And I live in the Chicago area.
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  6. boblonben

    boblonben MOPAR Guy Level 2 Supporter

    So where do you live??? Have had over 20 Chrysler products over the years, have NEVER had one bubble on the front edge of the hood, or around windows, or on door edges, or along lower fender lines, or, or , or. And I've lived in Northern Japan, Southern Germany in the Alps, Alaska, Massachusetts, Maryland, etc all places with known 'rust; problems. So ?????
  7. vipergg

    vipergg Active Member

    I live in upstate NY . This should not matter after only 3 years. This van has been babied . gets washed in the Winter and waxed twice a YEAR . My 2008 Ascender which is a GMC Envoy clone that GM made for Isuzu has zero paint issues after 9 years in this environment . Has not been to dealer yet but it will be soon . I had hoped they would have figured out how to make a hood after they had the severe issue on the 2002 -2007 models but I guess not . Probably the rear hatch will be the next issue.
  8. Doug D

    Doug D Virginia Gentleman

    All I can tell you is the last time I visited my cousins in Buffalo, I noticed 3-4 year old vehicles of various makes with rust spots. They use so much salt the roads turn white. Down here in VA it's rare for them to use salt and even then it's a 60/40 salt/sand mix.
  9. chuckt

    chuckt Member

    98 G Caravan in the Chicagoland area and garaged everyday with slightly over 106,000 miles. And the passenger side door and sliding door are rusting (nice hole in the passenger side door) yet the driver's side is AOK. Seen other G Caravans of the same vintage with the same, passengers' side only, rust pattern. Like it was a mfr defect (sort of like the driver's side strut mount rusting and the passengers' side strut mount looking like new).
    I guess like any illness that strikes 10% of the population. When it strikes you, it soars to 100%.
  10. CudaPete

    CudaPete Active Member Ad-Free Member

    Here's a little rust repair I did today on my 02 GC's lower rocker panel. Not bad for 16 years of NJ Winters.

    I think I'll go for the rat rod look...LOL!

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  11. Bob Lincoln

    Bob Lincoln "CHECK FAULT CODES" Level 2 Supporter

    My 92 Daytona bubbled and rotted holes through the front edge like Swiss cheese. It got so bad I had to replace the hood in 2007. Had to drive to NJ to find one, and pay a scalper $300.
  12. vipergg

    vipergg Active Member

    If it was 8 years or older I wouldn't even bitch but 3 years ?? I mean really ? I baby these vehicles .
  13. vipergg

    vipergg Active Member

    Well what do you know got a call today from the dealer and FCA is going to pay to fix it. Havent talked to them yet so I dont know if they are going to replace the hood and paint or what . The dealer said it is far from the first one that they had seen with this issue . They admitted it is a known problem with the 2008-2017 vans . Unless they changed process or hood design expect to see it on Pacifica in 2 or 3 years here where they salt.
  14. Ian

    Ian Car Freak

    We do plenty of Fords under basic warranty...
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  15. Bob ONeill

    Bob ONeill 325,000+ miles and counting... Level 2 Supporter

    I can confirm what Bob is saying as I have seen the carnage.
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