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Transmission a460 oil

Discussion in 'Omni · Horizon and Derivatives' started by 82JustinHorizon, May 20, 2017.

  1. 82JustinHorizon

    82JustinHorizon New Member

    Hello again, I believe it might be time to change this old cars transmission fluid.

    For starters the thing is like 35 years old. But also I notice there is like a high pitch almost siren like sound from the gearswhen driving.

    Also, I notice after sitting in traffic to long , the shifter gets a bit sticky and harder to find gears.

    Maybe fresh oil can help with that ? And would the recommended replacement be dextron 2 or something else better?
  2. ImperialCrown

    ImperialCrown Moderator Level III Supporter

    ATF+3 (Dexron) was the factory fill, but there are better alternatives. I have used the BG Synchro-Shift II (or equivalent) as a replacement manual transaxle oil fill with good results. An API GL-4 grade lube will have properties that are good for brass/bronze (the 'yellow' metals) lubrication.
    BG Syncro Shift® II | BG Products, Inc. (at )
    There is no drain plug so the rear diff cover removal is a possibility or much of the oil can be sucked out after removing the fill plug.
    A binding shifter when sitting in traffic may be a clutch problem or an exhaust heat shield is missing to protect the shifter base and linkages from heat? The nearby converter is a huge source of heat.
    Faint gear whine may be normal. A louder whine may be bearings?
  3. 82JustinHorizon

    82JustinHorizon New Member

    interesting. ya the diff cover removal looks like would be a PITA , the sucking method may be the way to go. i would need some sort of pump then?

    not sure what do do here , sounds like avoiding traffic jams might be my best option . i assume youre talking about the catalytic canverter?
  4. GLHS60

    GLHS60 Member

    I'm not sure about the A 460, but on the later units there is a locating "boss" on the bottom of the transmission, approximately under the battery.

    It can be drilled out for a drain and a 1/8" pipe plug installed.

    Most use grease on the drill bit to catch the aluminum filings and flush after if concerned.

    Also, I believe removing the lower drivers side axle seal retainer bolt allows some draining.

    Most use 10/30 Engine oil in these older units.