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Why was the PT Cruiser discontinued?

Discussion in 'PT Cruiser' started by GottaPT, Jul 26, 2013.

  1. GottaPT

    GottaPT Member

    I have heard two rumors about it.

    1. The car wouldn't break down as much as they wanted and it was discontinued.

    2. The engine was a nightmare to service.

    I would buy #2 over the other one. I was just wondering if anyone knew for sure.
  2. ImperialCrown

    ImperialCrown Moderator Level III Supporter

    The PT was based on the PL (Neon) and it outlived the Neon by a few years. It was an antiquated structure and old technology by then. Not saying that was bad, because they still are a very fine car. They are safe, quiet, stylish, comfortable, dependable, fairly economical and have a large, useful interior with big doors.
    Believe it or not, it is a very serviceable engine/transaxle and there are cars that are much more of a nightmare to work on. Maybe not from the top, but everything you need to get at can be done from the sides (with the wheels removed) and underneath if need be.
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  3. dana44

    dana44 Well-Known Member Ad-Free Member

    The excuse of an old platform was the reason, decontenting the cars was the other thing.

    You also have to follow the history of the car itself. Jurgen Schremmp was told the PT Cruiser was going to be a halo vehicle to bring people into the showrooms. Basically it was seen as a vehicle to sell about 60,000 cars per year. As soon as she was shown, they had almost 60,000 pre-sales, so it was a winner right off the bat. Having a winning car was not really something that interested DBAG as a whole, they wanted the technology Chrysler had, not grow a car company. The PT Cruiser was one of the least expensive cars designed because it basically tweaked the Neon platform, so most of the calculations were done, and there were just enough changes that the two don't interchange other than rims (almost). As the years went by, DBAG (Daimler Benz Auto Group, just in case), they had the habit of loading a car up with options and capabilities, and as time went by, deleting them. It finally got to the point they couldn't sell them because they just didn't have the stuff the others had.

    I have to admit, they are a love it or hate it style, they do seem to be durable, and not too far into the future I will add a few customs that should have been done over the life of her, such as a coupe, pickkup, RWD V6, things like that.
  4. 66coronet

    66coronet Active Member

  5. dana44

    dana44 Well-Known Member Ad-Free Member

    Was this a follow-on production quote, or initial making the PT Cruiser quote. It sounds like it was from after the PT Cruiser was built, meaning, as was actually talked about here, the PT Cruiser was supposed to be a low volume halo vehicle that was a hit, and Schremmp was not interested in Chrysler being more successful than Mercedes Bends under any circumstances. This would also be backed up when Wolfgang Bernhard made the ME4-12 and Tomahawk, 300 and Charger successes, then opened his mouth and yelled about dumping Mitsubishi when they had their problem and Chrysler shares were liquidated, Wolfgang fired.
  6. Ridingcrops

    Ridingcrops New Member

    Chrysler really screwed up when they stopped the PT. I have had mine for years with the High output turbo and I love my PT. Just wish I had some of the new tech stuff they have now.
  7. browens1534

    browens1534 Active Member

    The cost to reengineer the vehicle for crash standards and higher fuel economy and mandentory ESC was likely too high.
  8. dana44

    dana44 Well-Known Member Ad-Free Member

    Maybe, but those increased standards affect every single vehicle. I think it was more the fact it wasn't supposed to be as successful as she was and no follow-on changes were planned, other than continuing to decontent them, a slight interior refresh, and a grille refresh.
  9. ropescan

    ropescan Member

    My PT Cruiser a 2003 is a Good car. Engine not bad to work on. The only drawback is figuring what size bolts were used on componets (metric or standard)
  10. JohnRogers

    JohnRogers Paper Tag Rubicon

    I'm really learning to appreciate mine and might look toward inexpensive ways to jazz it up a bit.
  11. rockdoc

    rockdoc Member

    Sorry so late.........I have two 2003's. The Silver Limited has been a work truck, soccer Dad ride, dog carrier, tool carrier, dirt mover, long distance voyager for 120k. Very simple car, easy to drive, park and look at. I love::: the driving position, tight suspension, ride, rear seats, utility, serviceability. Hate the low power and so-so Auto tranny. Just got a 2003 Inferno Red w/Viper stripes PTGT Stage 1 w/SRT4 mods, lowering springs, clipped
  12. chuzz

    chuzz Active Member

    As you can see by my avatar, I have a PT. What you can't see is that it's an 03 GT! I absolutely love driving this car. Do I wish it were more economical? YES. But both my wife and daughter are disabled and as far as being easy for both of them to enter and exit, it's great. They'd rather ride in it than my 2013 200 because of the height of the seats. The most difficult thing to do on these is a timing belt/water pump change. That and the center motor mount. That's in my opinion. BUT, I'm not a mechanic, I just do all of my own mechanic work.
  13. dana44

    dana44 Well-Known Member Ad-Free Member

    I still have two 2002 PTs, each of the two daughters drive them. I will say, wish they could have gotten a 3.3/3.8 under the hood, would have made for just as fun a ride as the Turbo model. Little sister had a black, convertible turbo and she loved it. Had to sell it back in '09, says she wished she still had it.
  14. duster92

    duster92 Active Member

    I own a PT GT 5 speed Stage 1. I love the car. I think one of the obstacles was the retro styling. It was difficult to evolve the design and it had nobody championing the car. Any attempts to change or modernize the look would have gone against what really made it popular. I think they could design a new PT off the Renegade platform. It would help the Chrysler brand. However, I think Fiat is in the way.
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  15. pt006

    pt006 Member

    Duster; the PT could have been restyled to a modern/retro look like they did to the latest Beetle. I want to see a new PT based on the Cherokee to give a little more room inside. It is necessary to keep the practicality of the original design. Like removable seats, easy access in and out, good vision, etc. They could have upgraded the engine to the V V T and the 6 speed auto in 2006, but chose not to.
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