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Lost all (most) transmission fluid while driving...

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#1 88DaytonaD

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Posted November 22, 2011 at 06:35 pm

Hey folks,
My question is, is it possible any damage has happened in that short amount of time? I sure hope not, I cannot afford a transmission failure. Here's the back-story;
Dinah has been working great but tonight I got a call from my girlfriend who had run out to get a few things and she said that the car wouldn't move when she put it in drive. She also mentioned that she had to stop at a light, and the car wouldn't move right away and then all of a sudden it lurched forward. So I told her to stay there and I went up to see what I could see. Just as I thought, one of the clamps on the cooler lines worked itself loose and the hose popped off. I wouldn't say the car was driven any more than 1km pumping fluid out, there was a lot around her parking spot and when I coasted the car to a level spot and poured a quart in, the transmission engaged into all gears, but nothing was showing on the dipstick, so I just left the car and I'll fill it up with new fluid later tonight.

I'll find out tonight either way if there is anything wrong with her, hoping not!


#2 Bob Lincoln

Bob Lincoln


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Posted November 22, 2011 at 08:02 pm

Well, if the A413 is as tough as the A904 was, no worries. My dad once borrowed my 66 Belvedere wagon with slant-6 and auto, and one of the cooler hoses let go. He drove it 70 miles home - ("it shifted rough, but I made 3rd gear, so I kept going"). When I got to it, it was down 5 quarts on fluid and the dipstick was dry. I filled it, and it behaved normally for the year that I had the car after that. However, highway mileage dropped permanently from 20 mph to 16, despite me paying for a 'rebuild' (which they probably didn't do). The tach i installed showed the revs were the same, but the torque converter must have taken a hit. But I could have driven it forever despite that. I suggest changing fluid and filter.

#3 B10alia

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Posted November 22, 2011 at 10:40 pm

I'd be more concerned about the low pressure causing partial engagment on your frictions than worrying about lube or stuff like that, 1/2 mile isn't that much. You might not see any issues; anything that shows up you can probably clear up with a fluid and filter change and a band adjustment. The 413 has Torqueflite in its veins.

#4 88DaytonaD

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Posted November 23, 2011 at 12:40 am

If it was a 413 I'd not worry too much, I have one in the shed at home, however, it was an A604. I got some fluid, filled it up, took about 4 quarts total, and drove around for awhile. Shifts through all gears smoothly, downshifts will when you ask it to, and no whines or hesitations. I'd say we managed to dodge a bullet. I'll be picking up a few clamps and double clamp the lines coming off of the radiator. The ones on my external cooler should be fine as I didn't disturb them, but I think this line that came off was the one I removed in September to do the fluid/filter change.
Thanks for the input, I just wanted to know if others might have had a similar experience and what the outcomes were. I think that we'll be just fine!


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