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96 dodge caravan no start

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#1 msand5 (converted)

msand5 (converted)
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Posted September 1, 2003 at 10:56 pm

I have a "96 Dodge Grand Caravan w/ 3.3. It died and won't start. Has no codes. Has fuel pressure & injector pulse. Replaced crank sensor and cam sensor, no luck. Has intermittent spark at first crank, then no spark until key is turned off and cranked again. Any suggestions or test procedures for diagnosing the computer if faulty?

#2 Gary_41

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Posted September 3, 2003 at 07:44 pm

Since you didn't get any suggestions here, I re-posted your question on another forum and one of the guys had a couple of ideas.

Is the injector pulse coinciding with spark intermittence. Usually if no spark then there will be no pulse.

Kinda sounds like a cam sensor related problem. Check connectors/wiring to suspected sensor/sensors. Almost NEVER a computer failure but almost always the blame.

Could it be the cam belt? Sounds silly but might wanna check to see if cams are spinning when cranking.

#3 mrmopartech

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Posted September 3, 2003 at 08:03 pm

If it turns at normal cranking speed and fuel is good,and as you say injection pulse,this could be a cam and crank sensor problem.If you have access to a scanner,you can see if you have a rpm signal going to the pcm.This tells you the crank sensor is good,and to look at the cam sensor.Check the connector at the coil pack for green corosion and the high tension terminals for the brass terminals turning black,a sign of the coil pack going south.If you do get a scanner,check the codes and post back,scott

#4 Gary_41

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Posted September 3, 2003 at 09:25 pm

Here are a few more responses:

Boyohboy! Been there, done that, never ever trust a 3.3 again.
Check your injector pulse with a bulb from PCM, ohm out the injectors, check injector harness for shorting to ground. (CHASSIS first. Most people don't check chassis ground, only Injector Ground.) As I recall, '96 is a DIS pack, so check the DIS pack for any discoloration or cracks. (I may be wrong, saw a LOT of 3.0 and 3.3's that were DOA.) If all that fails, grab the DRBIII, realtime on the faults, look for INJECTOR CIRCUIT FAULT.
If no InjCktFault, do it the Dealer Way™: "Replace PCM. It's probably at fault anyways™."
.. and people ask me why I won't buy any Chrysler product made after '93. ;P

One thing you might look into is the Theft Control system. It will give you spark and injector pulse everytime you turn the key, but if the computor doesn't get the correct signal it will kill spark and injector pulse. Chrysler computors come with the security system installed even if the vehicle doesn't have one. I have seen them activate after a battery has been disconnected and the only fix is to replace the PCM. It sux to have a customer come in with a dead battery and you end up having to sell them a PCM also, thanks to Chrysler engineers.

The '96 should run for 30 seconds when the key security crap goes south, and then produce those symptoms. But TYPICALLY (NOT always. The Minivans are NEVER the same with electrical problems.) you wouldn't get ANY spark or fuel after that. As I recall, SOMETIMES you can get away without replacing the PCM, but IIRC that's only on the 3.0 and 2.4. (Yes, I am out of dealer-land, thank GODS.) And you'll need a DRBIII PLUS a call in to Chrysler to reprogram the VIN and 4-digit security code. Run into this a couple times with RTGrimm units that didn't get the VIN programmed correctly. (One digit off. That was fun to explain.) Doesn't feel like the security system to me, to be entirely honest, but that does NOT mean it isn't something you should check - in fact, I'd check that first. I completely forgot about it. :(


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