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3.3 Timing Chain Replacement

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#1 valiant67


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Posted December 28, 2003 at 08:00 am

I've got a rattle from the passenger side of the engine even with all the drive belts disconnected. My next area to check is the timing chain. How does the 3.3 timing chain replacment compare in diffculty to a 3.0 timing belt or an old 318 timing chain?

This is a 91 Grand Voyager LE with 126K. Otherwise the engine runs great and uses no oil. Any other things I should check before diving in?

#2 fjb37

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Posted December 28, 2003 at 04:25 pm

You can drop the oil pan and check the slop in the chain with your finger. These are a PITA to change. I did my 92 Caravan 3.3L and I found the Haynes and/or Chilton manual (I have both) to be helpful. One thing, don't remove the starter motor to block the crank from turning. You can block it with a piece of wood between the crank throws and the block (I used a hammer handle).

Be sure to get a new silencer. I used the old one and now have a noisy chain after only 35K miles. Might as well change the water pump and all hoses too.

You will need a floor jack to support the engine as the passenger side motor mount must be removed, along with other stuff, to remove the chain cover.

Figure this to be a weekend job. Just my $0.02. :rolleyes:

FredB :)

#3 KOG



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Posted December 28, 2003 at 06:28 pm

Check the slop carefully before replacing. I've got one '91 with 198,000 miles and the chain is still in spec although it does rattle some at idle. I dropped the pan to check it and bearings at 185,000 miles. The #1 rod and main were at new tight side of clearance and the timing chain was about 75% of the way to replacement wear. I put the pan back on. I'll look at the chain again at 250,000.


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