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01 Sebring ,intermittent Start /fuse Blowing

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#1 JRS2001 (converted)

JRS2001 (converted)
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Posted November 18, 2004 at 11:49 pm

Hello fellow members.

I really need some help here please, I don't know where else to turn. My problem lies with my girlfriends 01 Sebring (2.7L)

Lately it has had trouble starting, one minute it is fine the next its dead as doornail, no starter clicking ..... nothing just dead. When this happens the fuse located under the hood labelled "START / FUEL" which is a 20 amp fuse is blown. You can replace it with another and sometimes immediately it will blow it again. There is an aftermarket remote car starter installed on this car (worked fine for approx 1 year) and I have had it rechecked and reprogramed by the installer, according to him all connections checked out. After having this done the car was fine for one week, started numerous times, then tonight nothing. I have noticed that the overhead dome light makes a very audible buzzing noise that just doesnt seem right. Also I have noted that sometimes after having repeatedly trying to start the "dead" car the dash display will display the word "DONE"? Can anyone tell me why this is? I really hope someone out there can tell me what that fuse is connected to and why it keeps blowing. Is this a starter issue? A remote starter issue? Fuel delivery related? All I know is that it has to be electrical related as the fuse just keeps getting blown. Any information or help would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to the replies and hopefully I can get this annoying issue resolved.


#2 rjkfsm

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Posted November 22, 2004 at 12:43 pm

It's an intermitant short due to a bad design. There's a TRB out on it. The dome light switch is defective. Check out:


and scroll down to "Trouble spots", "Electrical"


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#3 JRS2001 (converted)

JRS2001 (converted)
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Posted November 23, 2004 at 03:10 pm

I will definately check that out, thank you. I do have to ask this though. Do you think this is causing the no start condition? and the fuse blowing? If it is tied into the keyless remote issue I could see that as a possible reason why the remote starter may fail to operate starting the car sometimes, but would this also afftect starting the car by using the ignition? It seems like an easy enough fix to start with so I will just try that first. I know the headliner was removed to run the car start wire to the antenna that goes on the windshield so maybe they aggrivated the situation. Thanks again and I will post back on my findings

#4 Struts 'N' Stuff Auto

Struts 'N' Stuff Auto

    Knowledge is Priceless

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Posted November 24, 2004 at 02:49 am

First of all, you will possibly have to isolate some things.
Does the underhood fuse blow only when trying to start the car with the key?
Is there a pattern to when the fuse blows? like cold engine or hot? low fuel or full tank?
Are your battery positve and negative connections properly tightened and clean?

The dome light switch problem would blow the body control module fuse and you would have problems with your factory keyless entry and other items associated with the body control module, so if your Keyless still works and the interior fuse never blows, I'd say you have 2 seperate problems.
The Fuel/Start fuse under the hood that blows is caused from too much current drawn through that circuit, or an intermittant short, or poor battery connections.

When the fuse blows, and you replace it and it blows instantly, is the key on and cranking or does it blow with key off? It's possible that one or more of the remote starter wires under the dash, or the factory starter or ignition wire is intermittantly shorting, but seeing as the fuse only blows when you try to start the car, I'd say not. The problem seems to be related to the fuel or starter/ignition circuit.

I don't think the interior light buzzing and the under the hood fuse are related.
The Dealer should be able to replace your Interior light switch under the recall to fix that problem, which should fix one problem, but you might have to check your electrical connections and wiring for the under the hood problem.

The headliner in the car wasn't removed to run the remote starter antenna wire, the wire just gets tucked under, so I don't think the remote installer caused a problem there. The word "Done" I think appears when the fuel pump or ignition lacks power, from the blown fuse.

The remote starter basically duplicates the ignition key sequence, by powering up the ignition and starter and accessory circuit at the appropriate times, but a sloppy install could have exposed a bare wire causing the fuse to blow, so having the install verified was a good idea.

Keep us posted


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