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Dodge 8 3/4 Differential

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#1 boneheadjoe (converted)

boneheadjoe (converted)
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Posted August 30, 2005 at 09:56 pm

I am going to convert my Open diiferential 8 3/4 rear end to posi. From what I have been hearing all I need is the center posi yoke itself. Ican use my own gears, and own case. Is this true, and if so How hard is it to do, and do I need any special tools. I look it up on the internet and hear alot about shims and spacers does this concern me at all. Thanks Joe

#2 ragtoplvr

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Posted August 30, 2005 at 10:43 pm

Did this on my Dakota
you will need a magnetic mount dial indicator, torque wrench and homemade tool
The tool, I took the side adjuster to the local bolt store, and found a big hex nut that fit pretty close, ground on it until it fit ok. Used a length of 3/4 emt, welded the modified nut to one end and a 7/8 nut to the other for the torque wrench. then you can set the adjusting rings thru the axel tube

I used a brass punch to knock the old ring gear off the old carrier, and the antilock tone ring. Tapped the grear on the Posi carrier, heated the tone ring in oven to 250 and tapped it on. Had new bearings pressed on, at about $15 a side, why take a chance on damaging the old ones getting them off. Used locktight on all bolts "just in case"

Followed the service manual procedure exactly to reset the gears, and everything worked perfectly. Including making the tool, lots of double checking and all, took about 8 hours. I could do another in about 4 or 5 easy hours. To be honest, I would rather do this than dealing with rusted in pressed in ball joints .

Rear end was as quiet as before, and lasted without problem for 75 k miles, when I had to repace the clutches, which is much harder than installing the posi. Tip, do not get the trac-loc unless you like the challange of replacing the clutch plates. The trac loc and bearings only cost me about 240, and the replcement clutches new oil and additive was only about 90, but I had a lot of "fun" getting the proper preload and geting the things in, I swear those parts swell when exposed to the air and oil. OK, I swore a lot! Truck is sure to worn out before that has to be done again, as I sold it to a kid who does not take proper care of it. Yes, he promised he would, now I know his promise is worthless. Dodge abuse should be a crime.

Hope this helps




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