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The Chrysler 200 launch at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show

200 interior

Chrysler 200 in person

See 2015 Chrysler 200 • Stryker Green Viper GTSergio Marchionne’s Q&A
Detroit Auto Show, 2014 • Press Kits

A.J. Morning wrote:

My impression of the 200’s exterior was pretty simple: It’s not a mind-blowing, Earth-shattering design - because it shouldn’t be. This is a segment dominated by very boring cars (Camry, Camry, Camry, Sonata, Accord, Camry), so just looking good is already a plus. For that, the new 200 does well - it looks good, and doesn't bore me. Achievement unlocked.

inside the 200

On the inside, the car seemed to fit me astonishingly well. Nothing seemed to be located out of place - it was a most sensible arrangement, very logical, very clean. The seats feel like quality stuff, the positioning just right. Visibility all around is exceptional. The steering wheel is unlike anything I've driven with a Chrysler badge - it’s a very nice piece of work. The dash display, of course, everything has to be LCD these days, but it’s done well. It’s a digital representation of what a very good analog display should look like.


The rotary shift selector is good. It's a neat space-saving design, and if I have to have an automatic gearbox, the rotary knob is cool. I'd still like a proper cable-operated handbrake/parking brake, but this one’s an electric switch. If I have one gripe about the 200, that's it: The electric parking brake. The rest of the interior is nice, all around. I didn’t dig around to find hidden nooks and cubby holes, but the at-a-glance impression I got was of a well thought-out layout.

If I needed a mid-sizer, I would seriously have to consider the 200. Given the powertrain options at the top of the line, it’s leaps and bounds ahead of the car it replaces - and even the 2014 200 was “secretly” improved over the last Sebring model towards the end of its run.

When you let designers design, and engineers engineer, you get good stuff like this. It’s nice to see Chrysler with a credible entry in the midsize arena.

Patrick Rall wrote:

The 2015 200’s interior is the nicest I have ever seen on any Chrysler product other than the 300C. Both the front seat and back seat are surprisingly roomy, despite interior dimensions that are not much greater than the 2014s. With the front seats adjusted for a six foot tall person, there is enough room for me to extend my legs a bit in the back. The rear seats feel more angled to me and there seems to be more head room in the back thanks to the long roof line.


The front bucket seats are very sporty, with deep bolsters and a high quality feel to the leather. The seats are really the star of the interior. There are soft touch materials on the door armrests and center armrest feel plush. The optional interior has light seats and looks quite high end, as does the new gauge cluster.
The back of the front seats are softly padded, so rear riders aren't pushing their legs into hard plastic; that should be an issue only encountered by particularly large rear passengers. There is lots of space in the rear footwell.. which I find to be surprising an unusual for this segment.

back seat

On the optional 200C luxury package, the interior trim (from the chrome on the dash to the wood paneling to the satin door handles and accents) is all more luxury-minded than any midsize Chrysler before it. Sitting in this car makes you feel like you are sitting in a proper luxury sedan... unlike past versions of the same vehicle, no portion of the interior feels cheap or low cost.

The outside is a huge step up for the 200 line; although the side profile has been done by a lot of other automakers, Chrysler has executed it well.

Differences between the sporty 200S and 200C are fairly minimal but they will go a long way in attracting two different types of buyers, similar to how Audi does things with their S line package. While the 200 S is obviously the sporty package, you don’t lose the luxury feel with that model compared to the 200C.


This car is really the whole package in terms of a mid-size luxury sedan where the past 200 was trying to be a low-cost luxury model. Inside and out, this is a car that deserve to be next to the 300.

Although tail lights are much like some other luxury models, the fact that they are so distinctive give this car some character... which the old model was missing.

mopar 200S
The Mopar-modified version has white leather seats with perforated suede inners, white suede door inserts, and black floor mats. Visible in this photo are the satin carbon painted 19” cast aluminum wheels with special center caps, a gloss-black painted roof, and gloss black painted mirror covers. The lunar white pearl tri-coat is one of the very few paints with an extra charge.

2015 Chrysler 200 launch


See 2015 Chrysler 200 • Stryker Green Viper GTSergio Marchionne’s Q&A

To make the 2015 Chrysler 200 to a higher degree of precision and reliability, the Sterling Heights (Michigan) assembly plant was greatly expanded and improved. The plant now uses 62% less energy to make each 200 than it did in 2013; cars in the paint shop make a complete rotation on a rotisserie system for better primer and paint coverage. (Rumor has the plant, with its huge new body shop and seemingly unnecessary increase in space, also acting as an “overflow” plant for particularly hot models, possibly including Durango or Grand Cherokee).


The 200 has the most interior storage of any car in its class, according to the Chrysler brand chief Al Gardner. The Alfa Romeo Giulietta was credited with 200’s driving dynamics and agility; 200 was retuned and resized for American roads, ride, and reliability.


The standard nine-speed is exclusive in the class; only two cars currently have a nine-speed automatic, one Land Rover and the Jeep Cherokee. LED lighting is used in front (on 200C) and rear. It is one of the most aerodynamic vehicles in the segment, matching Toyota Camry. Mr. Gardner linked styling to four guiding principles taken from classic American cars:

  1. Emotional design impact (wow factor)
  2. High quality materials
  3. State of the art technology, evident throughout
  4. Thoughtful storage


It is the first Chrysler sedan to provide extra storage space by using a rotory shifter instead of a console or column shift, providing space for a pass-through console storage area (used earlier in the company’s minivans). The sliding cup holders can be moved out of the way if desired.

The powertrain has 17 million combined test miles, according to the rep. The four-cylinder is 184 hp/173 lb-ft with 4 mpg better city mileage (35 mpg) than the prior engine; the V6 is 295 hp, 262 lb-ft of torque, with 7% better mileage than the 2014. There is also a segment-first disconnect-rear-axle all wheel drive setup which virtually eliminates parasitic losses while in front wheel drive.

200S and Al Gardner

The 200S is “not just about looks. It is a fully integrated sports model” with a 60% rear-wheel torque bias when in all wheel drive. Adapt Cruise Control Plus and Forward Collision Warning Plus can both stop the car completely if needed, while LaneSense Plus can automatically guide the vehicle back into its lane if the driver starts to wander. The self-parking option can parallel or perpendicular park the car, while blind spot and rear cross path protection warn the driver of cars coming into (or already in) the path.


200 display

Also see 2014 Detroit Show • 2015 Chrysler 200 • Viper GT • Press KitsSergio Marchionne Q&A

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