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The Golden Commandos’ East Coast Drag Times Hall of Fame Induction

goldfish and a/fx

During the 1960s I found myself living history and, as most come to learn, at the time I didn’t know it. I was a seven or eight year old boy and my dad, who worked in the transmission lab in Chrysler’s Central Engineering Department, became a member of the Golden Commandos.

The Golden Commandos were a group of Chrysler mechanics who together fielded one of the most popular and potent Super Stocks in drag racing history. Starting late in the 1962 season with a 1963 Plymouth, the Golden Commandos, named after Plymouth 361 and 383 engines (never campaigned in a Golden Commando car) set super stock records almost every time they rolled a car off the trailer. The accomplishments of the Golden Commandos over the six years they raced together are extensive and well documented, so we’ll fast forward 50 years.

In February 2013, I received a letter from The East Coast Drag Times Hall of Fame indicating that my dad, Gene Carrico, who passed away in 2009, and the rest of his Golden Commando teammates were going to be inducted into the East Coast Drag Times Hall of Fame. This was very exciting news for us as well as the other Commando families; the Golden Commandos were finally receiving the recognition they so richly deserved.

While some of the other factory supported teams of the 1960s gained national recognition, the Golden Commandos kept their focus in a singular direction. The Commandos’ mission was straight forward, find ways to make the Mopars faster and share the information they learned with the other factory teams of the day.


On October 17, 2013, my sister, brother-in-law, and I headed out for the eleven hour trip to the Hall of Fame Shag and Shine car show and Hall of Fame induction in Henderson, NC. We did, however commit a little well-intended sacrilege, as we decorated our minivan in the white and gold graphics of the Golden Commandos 1964 cars.

We arrived in Henderson Friday afternoon and it didn’t take long before we began to get a taste of what we were about to experience. We pulled our Golden Commando minivan (sorry, dad) into the hotel parking lot, road weary and glad to be at our destination. We were just stepping out of the minivan, grabbing a couple items as we were heading toward the hotel’s entrance to check in, when a slender, distinguished looking gentleman made his way toward us. He introduced himself as “Tommy” and asked, “is one of the Commando cars gonna be here?” I looked at him, looked down at his name tag and back up to his face – holy smokes, we were talking to Tommy Grove, the driver of the Melrose Missile, and he came up to us! He introduced us to his wife and we stood outside the hotel enjoying their company for almost a half hour, listening to amazing and hilarious racing stories. Finally, realizing we hadn’t even been inside yet, Tommy excused himself while graciously saying we’ll talk later, which we did.


After checking in, we brought the first load of stuff up to the rooms and I went back down to the Golden Commando minivan to grab some odds and ends when Marco DeCesaris from Lothian, Maryland spotted the Commando decals, came up to me, and introduced himself. Marco is a collector and owner of many original super stocks and early funny cars including the 1964 Melrose Missile Plymouth piloted by Tommy Grove, the 73 Pro Stock Dodge Dart Sport which was the final Mopar that the late Dick Landy campaigned, and Bob Glidden’s world championship-winning Ford Fairmont that would be one of the feature cars at this year’s Shag and Shine car show. What a collection of cool cars, and what a delightful person to talk with; Marco is an absolute wealth of car knowledge. Having extended conversations with all these great people we were beginning to feel like rock stars. But, truthfully, all we ever did back in the day was get in the way, while dad and the rest of the Golden Commandos were busy making racing history.

1968 Golden Commandos funny car- Plymouth

In 1965, the Golden Commandos went small block racing by campaigning a factory stock (F stock) Plymouth Barracuda alongside their over-the-top Hemi powered, altered wheel base, factory experimental race car. The F stock car was called Goldfish; this car was always a favorite among the Commandos, the Commando kids and fans alike, we had not seen this car since we were children and were very excited to have the opportunity to see it once again. It had been found in a junk yard several years ago and had just under gone a complete restoration.

ray and bruce

The owner of the Goldfish, Bruce Lindstrom, went to extraordinary lengths to finish the car in time for this event and get it to Henderson, NC. Over the past year I had been receiving periodic updates from Ray Kobe, the President of the Golden Commandos, about the progress of the restoration. The restoration project was on the ragged edge of being completed but the last word I had heard was that the Goldfish was going to be done and at the show. The Golden Commandos in attendance were very excited about seeing one of their cars again. In addition, the Goldfish was featured in much of the marketing material used for this event, it was important that the Goldfish be in Henderson.

Back up in our rooms and getting ready for the evening’s reception, I received a phone call from Ray Kobe; Bruce had back spasms while on the way from Nebraska with the Goldfish and was forced to stop. Nobody had heard from Bruce for 24 hours and Ray didn’t know if Bruce and the Goldfish would make it or not. We were very disappointed, but we knew we were going to have fun, the car may or may not make it but our memories of it will live on.

goldfish under the lights

As I was heading out of my room to attend an evening reception the hotel was providing for us, I happened to look out of the window in my room and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was suddenly thrust back fifty years as I saw the Goldfish, sitting on a trailer shinning in the parking lot lights with a group of people around it – just like the old days at Detroit Dragway as it went rounds into the evening. It gave me the warmest, happiest feeling to once again see that car under the lights, the Goldfish made it!


My sister, brother-in-law and I rushed down to take a closer look; it was at this point we ran into many old friends and new ones, too, standing around the car. We spent an hour or two admiring the car and sharing memories with the Golden Commandos, Commando kids (who now have adult kids of their own), and all the other racers enjoying the evening with us. The whole evening was a blast, at the reception we got to hear some great stories and a few old tricks.

henderson shag and shine 2013

Saturday was the Shag and Shine car show; unfortunately it was raining in the morning but as the day wore on, the weather and attendee spirits improved. The City of Henderson closes Garnett Street, the city’s main drag, for the car show. As far as you can see, classic street and race cars line Garnett Street, the customs and street cars at one end and the race cars at the other.  The racing end of the Garnett was filled with super stocks, gassers, factory stocks, dragsters, funny cars, and a jet car, an amazing collection of classic racers.

golden girl, commandos

In the Golden Commandos booth, the team members spent the day catching up with each other and other racers while signing autographs for the fans.  As luck would have it, Linda Vaughn, the famous Golden Hurst Shifter girl, was stationed in a booth next to the Commandos; Linda looked as great as ever and could not have been nicer as she took time with each person to sign autographs and take pictures.

Next to the Golden Commandos booth and the Goldfish were the Blue Angels race team and their recently restored twin-engine dragster. The Blue Angels were fellow class of 2013 inductees into the East Coast Drag Times Hall of Fame. We had a great time talking with them; they are true racers and a great group of gentlemen.  The Blue Angels started racing together in the 1952 as a group of like-minded young and middle aged men dedicated to building race cars and setting the example of racing safely at the track, and never on the street.

bench racing

On Sunday morning, the day of the Hall of Fame Induction, the Golden Commandos were invited to do some good old-fashioned bench racing as they hosted a question and answer period for about an hour and a half. Golden Commandos Ray Kobe, Forest Pitcock, Warren Anderson, Carl Anderson, Jim Hall, Evan Ericson, and Troy Simonsen all told stories, experiences and answered questions about their racing days to a packed standing-room-only crowd of people. Golden Commando engine builder Walter Ulrich, who was unable to travel to North Carolina, even called in to say hello to the group. They could have gone on much longer, but the Hall of Fame induction was scheduled to begin so we moved into the main hall where the event was to be held.

golden commandos with awards

While they were inducted as individuals, The Blue Angels and the Golden Commandos each went up on stage as a team to receive their awards. My sister Kitty and I were humbled to be there with the team representing our dad, Gene. I know that Ken and Donna Dallafior, representing their father John, and Jerry Meyer, representing his father Gene, who recently passed away, felt as honored as we did.

Hearing each individual racer and team introduction, listening to the racers tell their stories, and to a person remaining so humble after each had achieved so much greatness reinforced to me once again what we all know. Racers are some of the finest people you will ever meet.

Also inducted into the 2013 class of the East Coast Drag Times Hall of Fame:

Bob Harrop, driver and owner of the Flying Carpet Mopars

Al Hanna began racing in 1966.  Al raced everything from Super Stock Fords, to the Phantom Cuda and Charger funny cars, Eastern Raider match race and top fuel cars. But, none of these cars fully cured Al’s need for speed as he raced Jet funny cars from 1981 through 1997 running in the low 5s at 300 mph.

hall of fame

Carroll Carter, racer and engine builder. 1965 was a big year in drag racing, in addition to the AFX “funny cars” it was the year Carol started racing in the “Mr. C”, a 427 powered 1957 Fairlane. He drove Fords, Chevys, and Mopars through the ’80s and ’90s before opening C & C Automotive, specializing in Ford engines and components.

gene carricoGene Cromer has built and raced all his cars. From a Ford powered Willys coupe called the Moonlighter all the way up to a Pro Stock Maverick and just about everything in between. Gene says he never really retired, he put racing on the back burner for a while and it just kind of stayed there – who knows…?

Tom and Wendy Hemphill, proof that the family that races together, stays together. Tom drives and Wendy is crew chief for their IHRA top Sportsman class cars running up and down the east coast.

Ray Price, known as the “Father of the Funny Bike,” began racing in motorcycles in 1967; in 1995 he set the IHRA nitro-fuel record at 224.21 mph.

Robert Sarkisian, as owner and driver of Hellacious, competing at over 30 tracks Robert has won just about every type of nostalgia event over the last 23 years.

Congratulations to all of you, thanks for the memories!

kitty and donna

forest pitcock


blue angels drag racing team

great expectations ii

dan grotheer car

ronald lyles replica


A final thought…..


All photographs courtesy of Terry Carpenter

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