Jay Lightner at Springfest 2011

Jay with Charger

Jay loved the look of the new Charger the first day he saw one. He soon bought an ’06 SRT8. His first modifications were wheels, an audio upgrade and window tint. Jay is a very smart man; his wife helps with the modifications and is an artist so she draws up the complex items, such as his flames. Flames are very individual, even if you let someone take the responsibility they will be different from any other. Jay’s were taped on a small piece of metal for trials. His car is a copper color with black. I don’t know how long his took but mine took two months with many trips to the paint shop. Mine were taped on a fender.

Jay's car - widebody Charger

Jay has a stunning wide body that has suicide doors. The car is so wide that he had trouble with the rear door locks. The top of the door hasn’t moved but the bottom has. As the car began to look better Jay found more things to do to it.

Jay's Charger

He came a little late to US Wheel and there were 25 cars that were all modified for appearance. When Jay pulled in almost everyone there swarmed over his car, that’s how good it looks. I ask him later how that made him feel and a modest man said, “It made me feel good.”

Jay at Charger

Jay has video almost everywhere you could stick one. Someone counted them and their count was 17 screens. Personally anyone that I had to lock in the trunk I would deprive of video, not Jay, there are multiple screens in the trunk.

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