Alternative Renderings of Projected Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep Cars, Trucks, and Minivans

Less-likely or outdated renderings — or further exploration of concepts on pages covering 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017.

JackRatchett did a good job on this one, which was reasonably close to what was produced.


A Dart GLH was shown in Nevada in August 2015, using a four-cylinder Hurricane turbo generating 300 horsepower. The Dart is, however, to be replaced (with production stopping in September 2016), by an import from an un-named “partner.” So is the Chrysler 200 (production stopping in December 2016).

dodge dart srt4 rendering

With Alfa Romeo in full swing, Imperial seems unlikely, but who knows?

2017 imperial

2015 chrylser 300C

You can use your own judgment here.


2017 town & country minivan

Lil Ram Express Truck

This would be the Fiat Doblo, but we don’t think it’ll have anywhere near this many changes, though it does look better than what I think we’ll get.

CHrylser 200


lancia delta cars - chrysler version

No Lancia Delta for the USA after all.

chrysler 100c

No 100 for the US after all, in either hatch or sedan form.

pt cruiser

Alas, PT Cruiser is truly and definitely permanently dead.

pt convertible

2013 Jeep Wagoneer

This might actually happen but Susie’s done other renderings that we have in the main page, which she thinks are more accurate.

2017 Ram

Alfa Romeo and Maserati

This rendering is not far from the actual car; JackRatchett nailed it pretty well.


2014 Quattroporte

And what about the Alfa?

Alfa Romeo version of Dodge Charger

Chrysler 200

200 hatch

200C rendering

2004 200C

200 rear



Jeep Compass

jeep compass rallye

2017 Jeep Compass: mini grand cherokee

Jeep Cherokee



2013-18 cherokee

Below: 2018 projection

revised 2018

Dodge Dart

2018 dart

srt 2016

srt 2017

Jeep Renegade



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