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2015 Model-Year Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep Cars, Trucks, and Minivans

Thanks to Dan Minick and oh2o.
UPDATED August 24, 2014

This page covers 2015 model-year cars with some that may come as 2016s. Some may arrive in calendar year 2014.

Large cars: Chrysler 300, Dodge Charger, Dodge Challenger, etc

With thanks to Mopar392. The “Lx cars” all get a seven-inch color trip computer, new steering wheel buttons to help configure it, UConnect 2, eight-speed automatics on all engines (except Charger Pursuit), and new headlights. The eight-speed increases gas mileage and acceleration, with all engines — including the supercharged 6.2 “Hellcat” Hemi pushing out 707 horsepower and 650 lb-ft of torque. The Challenger also uses Viper’s manual six-speed.

challenger scat pack

Dodge Challenger moved to its new LA platform, with a new 6.4 liter Dodge “Scat Pack.” Two Dodge Challenger SRTs remain, one with the same 6.4, the other with the supercharged 6.2. See our 2015 Challenger page for details.

2015 Dodge Charger got the same changes as the Challenger, gaining a 6.4 Scat Pack as well as a 6.4 and 6.2 SRT. Top Chargers got Performance Pages, once an SRT-only feature, showing performance statistics and allowing some tuning changes.

2015 dodge charger

Chrysler 300 upgrades should include improved Launch Control on 300C SRT8, UConnect 2 with Via Mobile, seven-inch TFT customizable displays, the new steering wheels, and more comfortable seats. SRT8 will maintain the “sleeper look;” don’t expect to see the supercharged 6.2. Exterior styling is likely to stay about the same.

2015 chrysler 300c rendering
It looks quite a bit like the current model, but that makes sense, since sources say no sheet metal was changed. JackRatchett altered the grille and various details in front and in rear, to retune the flagship Chrysler to match hints and rumors. (Lancia Thema may simply disappear with no large Chrysler cars for Europe, other than the loosely-based-on-Chryslers Maserati series.)

2015 Chrysler 300 rendering

JackRatchett wrote, “The rear fascia is losing the indent at the back, and now has 200C like exhaust with reflector/ lights above it.”

The 300 has been selling fairly well in a flagging U.S. market for full-sized sedans; while sales are somewhat lower, that is likely due to the elimination of the lower trim level, which has boosted resale value, making leases more profitable.

Years ago, we predicted, “The Alfa Romeo 169, based on the 300C or Charger, will appear around 2015.” This was confirmed in 2013 by Auto Zeitung magazine, as quoted by the English-language AutoEdizione. The new car is to have several variants, including a “sport wagon,” and will use the same engines as Maserati Ghibli; the suspension and transmission will be altered, to an unknown degree (we expect a moderate retuning), but we suspect they will end up closer to Ghibli than 300C.

alfa romeo 169

Mopar392 said that the Charger and 300 would become a modified Maserati Ghibli, with parts swapped as needed to reduce the cost; he described the Ghibli as being an LX with modifications, particularly to the front suspension, for a Maserati feel. The main differences between the cars are engines, styling, and the design of the front suspension. We believe the two sets of cars will merge in their next generation, but that the changes will be lighter for the 2015s.

UF: Chrysler 200 - Sebring / Lancia Flavia (and Dodge Avenger)


The 2015 Chrysler 200 is based on the Dodge Dart dimensions (lengthened) and architecture, with more rear-seat and trunk space, a more “midsize” feel to the interior, a higher roof, more upscale trimmings, and a version of the Cherokee powertrain.

The 200 is has a base four-cylinder 2.4 liter engine, along with the 3.6 liter Pentastar V6, both hooked up to a nine-speed ZF automatic. A hatchback, possibly arriving one year later, was planned for the Lancia Flavia, but there have been rumors that there will be no Flavia version at all; the Alfa Giulia will have to do for Europeans. All wheel drive is available on 200C and 200S with a mandatory V6; the LX and Limited are four-cylinder and front-drive only. The cars have self-parking. See our review.

Dodge Avenger and Dart

Dodge Avenger ended production, but will likely be back in 2016 when a rear wheel drive version is created (née Dodge Barracuda).

The Dodge Dart is getting some minor upgrades for 2015. An SE package (air conditioning and power equipment) will run $775. The SXT will get a new 16 inch aluminum wheel at the same price. Late in the run, buyers can get a black with red cloth interior on Blacktops; and there will be three new colors, “Laser Blue,” “Vitamin C,” and “Passion Red.” The latter may also come late.

For 2015, Dart SE will start at $17,490; the top end Limited runs $23,990. The high-mileage Aero runs $20,990 and the higher-performance GT runs $21,990.

Minivans and Crossovers

Dodge Journey/Fiat Freemont are to be replaced in mid-2016.

2016 Chrysler Town & Country / Grand Voyager


Chrysler's large minivan continues for one final year before changing completely for model-year 2016. See details and renderings: 2016 Chrysler minvans. Chrysler will add new minivans to both the top and the bottom of the price charts; a new Limited Platinum lowers the top starting price of Chrysler minivans to $40,990, including destination, and is essentially the old Limited with a standard power folding third row seat and power sunroof. At the bottom end, the LX (late availability) will match the Caravan R/T’s starting price of $30,990. The Touring, S, and Touring-L continue essentially unchanged, at $31,760, $33,990, and $35,460, respectively (including destination).

Dodge Caravan starts at $21,890. The Chrysler models come with many features standard, and more elaborate interior and exterior styling. Both share a six-speed automatic and 3.6 liter V6 gasoline engine.

town and country

Dodge Viper (née SRT Viper)

Viper gained five horsepower and may have a little weight reduction, though so far no word on the latter. A supercharged V10 seems to be in the works.

2015 Jeep lineup

The Jeep Renegade launched in calendar-year 2014 (code BU) and imported to the US from Italy continues, along with Wrangler (mainly unchanged, and due for big changes in 2016) and Grand Cherokee.

All Wranglers have a 4x4 setup, and mail carriers can opt for a right-hand-drive Sport Unlimited at $36,190. That's around $5,000 more than the usual Sport Unlimited.

The 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT will get a minor power boost to match the Challenger and Charger — going up to 475 hp. So far, there is no Hellcat, and while it was reportedly considered, Allpar finds it unlikely that the 707 horsepower beast will make it into the luxoJeep. A new Red Vapor Special will be available to Grand Cherokee SRT buyers.

Grand Cherokee Summit buyers will also find “enhancements” to the top of the line model, which will start at $49,590 without all wheel drive. (The base Laredo runs $30,590, in rear wheel drive form. The SRT makes even Summit look inexpensive, with a price tag of $65,390.)

Jeep Compass / Patriot (“Compatriot”)

2014 jeep compass

The 2016 Compass will expand on the mini-Grand Cherokee look and feel, with even more higher end appointments. Essentially a smaller version of 2014 Jeep Cherokee, but with no V6 option; for US sale, we expect a single engine option, the 2.4, possibly with a Fiat diesel in the future (and certainly for European and Indian sale). The low-range Jeep may have the nine-speed ZF automatic, possibly with an entry-level six speed at the low end. It is expected to have a similar Alfa Romeo model to replace the Fiat Sedici (Suzuki SX4).

For 2015, there are few changes. Compass and Patriot Latitude gain a navigation system option, but remain otherwise unchanged as they soldier on. The little Jeeps, made in the same plant as the Dodge Dart, start at $17,490 for the Patriot Sport FWD and end at $28,990 for the Compass Limited AWD. Generally, AWD adds $2,000 to the price, and Patriot is $1,500 to $2,300 cheaper than equivalent-level Compass, though it has more space and looks “more like a Jeep.”

Jeep Cherokee (KL)

The 2014 Jeep Cherokee continues with its 3.2 liter V6 or 2.4 four-cylinder and nine-speed ZF automatic. Cherokee adds a backup camera and automatic headlights to Latitude and Trailhawk models. It will start at $23,990 for the Sport FWD and run up to $31,190 for the Limited AWD; AWD adds $2,000 to the price.

2015 Ram

Ram will finally add the ProMaster City small van to the lineup at the end of this calendar year; ProMaster continues with the diesel finally entering production. Ram Cargo Van, priced at $22,000, continues unchanged.

Ram 2500 and 3500 pickups gain 15 lb-ft with the Cummins engine thanks to greater fuel flow and turbo calibrations, with one Hemi increasing its payload by 100 lb based on new SAE-standard testing.

Ram shows a refresh for 2015, which is puzzling. The Ram 1500 was re-engineered for 2013 and again for 2014; the heavy duty lines for 2014. So what is left? Is yet another refresh of the Ram 1500 really planned for calendar-year 2015, to match Ford’s new F-150? Are we really going to see three in a row?

Ram Trucks:   DS Ram 1500D2/DJ Ram HD 2500/3500DD/DP Chassis Cabs

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