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Tales of Midland Avenue

1951-64 Plymouth Savoy

Touring the Walter P. Chrysler Museum with an engine man

In 2010, Pete Hagenbuch, who worked on the most famed powerplants in Chrysler’s history, guided a small group of Allpar members through the Walter P. Chrysler Museum. This is what he said and what we saw.

Dodge Viper prototype car at the Chrysler Museum

First floor: The Museum, Walter P. Chrysler, Airflow, early Plymouth; Bantam Jeep, DeSoto Six, early Hudson, corporate history, Power Wagon

museum tourFirst floor continued: 1948 Town & Country, 1951 New Yorker, Road Runner and Viper, Chrysler Special, Hudson Hornet

Early engines: airplate Hemi V16, Floating Power, five-engine tank driver

Second floor: Stress models, K-cars, 2.2 Turbo, Cross-Ram Wedge, and test cells

Second floor: Chrysler 300 and 300G, Dodge Custom Royal Lancer D-500, Hemi and Poly, 300 and Fury, Dodge Main, Cordoba, minivans, FirePower

Basement: Racing Vipers, LeMans racing car, Willys, La Femme, PPG Pace Car, Dodge trucks, and more

Also see the nearby Ver Hage Chrysler Museum, the final (normal public) day of the Walter P. Chrysler Museum, and a 2016 photo tour from the “final final” day.

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TV Mopars Tales of Midland Avenue 1951-64 Plymouth Savoy