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6.4: The big truck Hemi

Bob Lincoln, engineer, firefighter, and Allpar contributor

Bob Lincoln has had an interest in cars since his first push-pedal car at age 5. Growing up on Cape Cod, Massachusetts in the 1970s, he developed an appreciation for nature, and later was fortunate enough to make several trips to the Southwest, where he has done a lot of hiking and photography.

Bob Lincoln

A third-generation Chrysler owner, he at first wanted to be an automotive engineer and design the most efficient and reliable cars possible. Then the Chrysler troubles in 1978 opened his eyes (as well as the prospect of having to live near Detroit).

His past rides include a 1966 Plymouth Belvedere station wagon, 1972 Dodge Dart, 1985 Dodge Daytona, and a 1992 Dodge Daytona (retired due to rust at 308K miles on the original engine). Currently he has a 1993 Dodge Daytona (daily driver), a 1992 Dakota and a 1984 Daytona Turbo Z. He prides himself on the high reliability and great gas mileage of his vehicles, and, self-taught, does nearly all work on them himself.

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An engineering graduate of Brown University, Bob Lincoln has worked for large instrumentation companies for more than 25 years. While in college he became involved in emergency medical care, and was an EMT-Cardiac, call firefighter and CPR instructor for over 7 years. His hobbies include canoeing, woodworking, genealogy, photography, drawing and writing. He also designs and hosts basic web sites on the side. All that experience may help Bob to consistently maintain a cool head when dealing with obstinate members.

He met his wife Kathi, the love of his life, by chance at a cookout, and several years later they have a beautiful daughter, Caitlin. They live in Taunton, MA in near-total bliss.

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GTX: hot, well-trimmed Plymouths Big list of concept cars 6.4: The big truck Hemi