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Mike Sealey in his cab

We miss (in memorium):

Daniel Stern

News staff bios

Daniel Stern, unrelated to the actor, was deeply involved with slant six cars from early on; he quickly became an expert in their repair, maintenance, and tuning. From there he developed expertise in engineering automotive lighting system, leading to his current profession as a lighting consultant, as well as the upkeep and upgrade of four-cylinder Mopars. His work has been recognized in industry publications, Automotive News, and Mopar Action.

Bill Watson

Bill Watson's first ride in a car was his father's 1936 Graham Supercharger touring sedan, on the way home from the hospital. The first car he can remember is his father's 1940 Plymouth, bought soon after Bill was born.

His father said Bill could recognize and name cars a block away by the age of five. His father's various Chryco products, 1950 Dodge Special Deluxe, 1955 Dodge Regent, and 1965 Dodge 330 (slant six) galvanized his interest in things Chrysler. He learned to drive on the 1965 Dodge 330. He turned down a 1962 Valiant sedan for a 1965 Envoy Epic as his first car, a decision he regretted about a month after he bought it. The Envoy was replaced by a 1972 Dodge Dart sedan, and it has been Mopar ever since.

His only new car was a 1978 Dodge Monaco Brougham. He has also owned a 1949 DeSoto Custom, three Studebakers, and a Renault Fuego. When this was written, he owned a 1983 Imperial (daily driver), 1964 Studebaker Commander, 1963 Studebaker Lark taxi, 1962 Valiant Signet 200, and a 1962 Lancer GT.

In his teens, Bill started collecting articles and brochures. He now has 5,500 car brochures (not all Mopar), articles, clippings, photos, manuals, books, etc. that would take about eighty file boxes to pack up. Single, he shares his apartment with his “paper car” collection and two cats.

Dan Minick (analyst and contributor)

Dan Minick has an MBA and a mechanical/technical background and upbringing. His father ran a farm, engine, and metal fabrication shop; Dan turned its focus to remanufacturing engines in the 1990s. He was involved in the engine remanufacturing industry for ten years, and wrote a quarterly column in Engine Builder (formerly Automotive Rebuilder) on import engines from a remanufacturing standpoint. A few of his columns are on

Dan was the VP Finance at a roof coating company until recently, when he became a full time professor of Operations Management at Kansas State University.

His perfect job would be integrating numbering systems, within mergers and acquisitions; merging systems within a M&A environment; and planning strategy for synergistic fits. His ideal “reality” job would be automotive writing and consulting; business consulting, financial number crunching, looking for cost-cutting; teaching econ and accounting; manufacturing process simplification; and providing break-even analysis.

Michael Volkmann

michael volkmann

Michael Volkmann, a mechanical engineer in the steel industry, autocrossed and road-raced Neons. Michael has drag raced his 1971 Duster 340, 2009 Challenger R/T, and Neons, of which he’s owned seven — one SRT4, three ACRs, and three Sport Coupes. He currently races sprint karts.



Lanny Knutson

LANNY KNUTSON has been editor of the Plymouth Bulletin, official magazine of the Plymouth Owners Club, since 1987. He lives in Erickson, Manitoba, Canada, and owns two vintage Plymouths: a 1949 P18 Special Deluxe sedan and a 1964 Valiant Signet convertible.

Pete Jackson

Pete’s screen name is now poorboy_616; it had been “the parts god” (one of his regular customers gave him this nickname). He wrote:

I have been repairing vehicles ever since I could walk, or turn a wrench (which came first, I don't remember). My father was my mentor up until I took my first automotive technology course in high school. Now he looks for me for advice... (Interesting how the table has turned...)

I have two years of formal automotive technology training at Clark County Vocational Skills Center in Vancouver, Washington. I was also a Washington state finalist in the Ford/AAA student national auto skills competition in 1997.

pete jackson

I now have four years of experience in Auto Parts split between NAPA and Schuck's Auto Supply and about a year’s worth of experience in Diesel Engine rebuilding at Detroit Diesel Corp. I have also turned wrenches for a number of years repairing my friends and family.

I also have a wife and two children, whom I love dearly.

Hemi Andersen

hemi andersen

with his car

hemi andersen again with transmission

Rich Hutchinson (contributor)

Rich was raised on (and in) Mopars as a child, and has clear memories of all of them: the 66 and 73 Dodge Monacos, the 76 Chrysler Cordoba, the various Plymouth Horizons; and later the EEK New Yorker and Imperial. He has owned only Chrysler products: Two Horizons (1981 and 1985), a 1989 Lebaron coupe, and currently a 1995 Plymouth Neon Highline coupe he doesn't ever want to give up. He is married and lives in central New Jersey, and his wife drives a 1992 New Yorker Fifth Avenue she doesn't want to give up either.

Bohdan Bodnar (technical contributor)

Bohdan Bodnar holds a PhD in electrical engineering. He was employed at Bell Laboratories and was responsible for performance engineering on the 5ESS Switch project in its various aspects -- call processing, overload control, wireless applications, design of field and laboratory experiments, detailed modeling and simulation. Bohdan supervised Master and PhD students in packet switching and IP router design theses. He holds Unites States and foreign patents in overload control, distributed database management, router design, and specialized hardware.

Bohdan is a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff at Motorola. His responsibilities include improving laboratory test methods, high-load handling design for wireless networks, analysis of field conditions, and improving wireless systems engineering processes.

Bohdan speaks fluent Ukrainian, holds a Sho Dan (first-degree black belt) in Seisan Ryu Bushi Do Kai, and enjoys listening to classical music. He became interested in automotive servicing after purchasing a 1986 Le Baron that entered the “problem of the week” plan immediately after the warranty expired.

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