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2016: The Ninth Annual NJ Allpar Show and Meet

row of cars

Teterboro Chrysler-Jeep-Dodge-Ram hosted our ninth annual New Jersey show-and-meet on September 17, 2016. Exactly sixty cars showed up, a new record for the show. They ranged from a new Hellcat Challenger to a 1939 Chrysler Royal, and included a fine 1952 Power Wagon, 1957 Belvedere, and Teterboro owner Sal Ancito’s pristine 1959 Fury convertible.

We had a cookout, some giveaways, a 50/50 raffle for the National Military Family Association (with $45 going to the NMFA), and Pete Doll acted as the DJ, with numerous trivia questions, each of which came with a prize to the first correct answer. The show was sponsored by the National Chrysler Products Club (Skylands Region).

desoto and wayfarer

Everyone who registered got a ticket for the giveaways — a $25 gift certificate from Rock Auto, a limited-edition Dodge M4S poster, a case of 5W20 synthetic oil, and three Allpar mugs. Those who got the trivia questions right were awarded an Allpar mug or a Jegs’ hat.


This was one of the best run Allpar shows, and for that we have to thank the volunteers and the dealership. First, the volunteers:

  • Pete Doll, in addition to being a fine DJ and writer of trivia questions, worked on publicity and planning.
  • T.J. Lang supplied professional grade audio equipment, and worked on publicity and planning.
  • Pat and Bob Kapral worked tirelessly to register cars that came in for over two hours, arriving early and quickly volunteering for possibly the most thankless task of the show, other than judging. Their work made this the least exhausting show I’ve ever run — for me, at least.
  • Brian Kapral came in early to help set up, as always, and energetically helped take down the canopies and tables.
  • Bob Congalton and Scott Hali, from the Restored Rusty Relics car club, worked to judge cars in eleven different classes, putting a good deal of time, care, and thought into their choices. They spent hours doing this, agonizing over some choices. (The Rusty Relics also helped to publicize the show beforehand.)
  • Tom Buss, our NCPC liaison, sold the 50/50 raffle tickets, and both Alexandra Buss and Brian Kapral shot photos. Thanks to the National Chrysler Products Club’s Skylands Region for sponsoring the show!
  • My wife, higher-education expert and chair of the board of a university, got and set up the bagels and coffee in the morning, and helped set up the lunch afterwards. My mother, travel-writer Arline Zatz, cooked roughly 96 hot dogs, working over a single miniature propane grille, while my father, pharmaceutics consultant Joel Zatz, kept the fixings, drinks, and sides going. They also (with Kate and Brian) obtained the hot dogs, drinks, and other supplies.


No car show is complete without cars, and I really have to thank all the people who cleaned, polished, and drove their cars in. We had a very good selection this year, with muscle, vintage, classic, and modern cars and trucks all shown, from 1939 Chrysler Royal to 2016 Challenger Hellcat. I wished we had more trophies to give out, because there were cars (and owners) I really thought deserved recognition, including that green Challenger shown above.

trophy winners

The trophy winners were (see the end of this page for some photos):

Voters’ Choice (by ballot)1964 Plymouth BelvedereMichael Shane Trent
True Classics (to 1949)1939 Chrysler RoyalJoe Moramarco
Fabulous Fins (to 1963)1957 Plymouth BelvedereJohn Paxo
Classic Mopar Muscle1969 Dodge Super Bee Six-PackVinny Plotino
Other Classic MoparsDodge Polara wagonDennis Nelson
Modern Mopar Muscle2013 Dodge ChargerJohn Lefand
Other Modern Mopar Cars2003 Chrysler 300M SpecialRobert Adamowicz
Mini-Mopars1989 Dodge Daytona ShelbyPeter Deley
Classic Jeeps and Trucks1952 Dodge Power WagonRoss Perlstein
Hod Rod / Custom1952 Dodge WayfarerBob O’Connor
Modern Trucks / SUVs2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8Angelo DeMaio
Adopted brands 1974 Bricklin SV1
(AMC engine, Mopar transmission)
Jerry Martowlis
Webmaster’s Choice 1979 Chrysler 300Billy Schoring


A quick word of explanation: the webmaster’s choice was made based on a small group of finalists provided by the judges, and relied heavily on the owner’s story as well as the car itself. The Voter’s Choice award was given first, and the judges chose trophy winners afterwards. Cars entered by the judges, volunteer, and dealership staff were not eligible.


The show ran surprisingly smoothly, even though the dealership was open for business that day (which attracted some spectators). Mechanics entered a Jeep Wrangler and a pristine Plymouth Fury; the dealership manager entered co-owner Sal Ancito’s 1959 Plymouth Fury. The dealership did a fine job of clearing out over 60 cars from their lot to make room, leaving a completely empty space for the show cars.


1939 Royal

Fury dash



back row

Power Wagon

row with wayfarer


row 2

selling tickets

1959 Fury


road runner



The 50/50 winner... (on right)

50/50 winner


The trophy winners...

prize winners

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