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Allpar Patches

allpar patch

patch on hatYou can now get an Allpar patch, in full color! These have an iron-on backing. They measure 4 inches by 1.8 inches.

One patch is free to forum donors, regardless of level (Level II and III supporters get two). Anyone with an active subscription can write to me with their address for a free patch. There is no shipping charge. Non-subscribers can get patches for $2 each. Order a few and I'll throw in a decal or two.

To order, choose one of the following and click on Add to Cart, then click on View Cart. You'll be able to change quantities and such afterwards.

When you select a patch, your shopping cart will appear on the top right part of the page. If it does not let you ship to a destination outside the U.S., put in OUR address and use the contact form to send us YOUR address.

Consider getting an Allpar decal too!

Oops! We’re out of stock for the moment.

We intend to send out patches within two days of the order (once we get them), except during CEMA week and Carlisle week. If you don't get yours within a week, please let us know! Thank you.

Instructions for ironing the patch on

patch - smallThe maker of the patches wrote:

Iron-on patches can be applied to non-stretch fabrics using a household iron or a heat press, found in most fabric or craft stores. When applying the patches, use medium heat (250-300 degrees) and hold for 8 to 10 seconds. You can protect the surface of your patch and your iron by placing a thin material, such as a pillowcase, between the iron and the surface of the embroidery patch.

  • Make sure the iron isn't set hotter than the item you're ironing the patch to can handle and shut off the steam.
  • There's no need to press hard, the goal is to make the glue melt, so it's heat. Move it slowly over the patch for around a minute.
  • Stop if you smell something burning. Did I need to say that?
  • After putting the patch on, when you wash the item, keep the heat in the dryier low — tumble dry on low at most.

Many people will use the iron-on backing just for convenience while they hand stitch the item, using black thread around the border and maybe big stitches with white thread around the middle.


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