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The All-Chrysler Registry

  • This registry includes vehicles from all Chrysler Corporation brands - including Plymouth, Eagle, DeSoto, Jeep, Imperial, and Valiant.
  • It also includes vehicles from “adopted” brands such as Singer, Sunbeam, Hillman, Humber, Simca, Hudson, Nash, Rambler, and AMC.
  • We would like to see as many vehicles as possible added to the registry.
  • Part of the goal is to be able to locate owners and specific vehicles when journalists come calling, or when TV and movie producers seek "just the right car." Allpar does get increasingly frequent calls for this purpose. However, part of the reason is the usual reason for building a registry...
  • We are not able to record VINs privately, so we are not asking for them yet. Also, though we are working on a standalone version of the registry, currently we have to ask people to register on our forums to add their vehicles (I realize it's an inconvenience). However, I hope you will still add your vehicles to the registry soon.
  • Since the URL may change from time to time as we move to newer software versions - in particular, as we split the registry from the forums - this page will remain as a permament marker to the current registry.
  • You can reach the registry by clicking here.

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