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2018 Wrangler JL: first test

The B engines

Surprise test: Hyundai Elantra vs Dodge Dart

The Allpar Style Sheet

The goal of this style sheet is to provide Allpar with a consistent, understandable “voice” that conveys more information in less space.

Some fun examples

The average Fiat/Alfa Romeo press release is 92% fat, causing obesity in our readers. “Noir” and “nero” both mean “black,” by the way. As far as I know, Italian black is no different from American black.

... improving overall efficiency and enabling a gain in fuel efficiency of up to 1 mpg
= ... allowing up to one more mile per gallon.

... .Wider front frame rails (about one inch per side; two inches overall) allow the front suspension springs to be positioned slightly outboard – an enabler for generating more positive roll stiffness.

= Wider front frame rails (around one inch per side) let engineers move the front springs out, creating more positive roll stiffness.

the interior environment = the interior

improve durability performance = increase durability

new reinforced tie-down points with enhanced strength are designed for heavier loads. = tie-down points have been strengthened.

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