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The Dodge 2000 GTX was imported (into Canada) by Dodge for Mitsubishi over 1989 to 1992. It is the exact same car as the 1989 Mitsubishi Galant and the Eagle 2000 GTX. The only difference between these cars is the nameplate on the trunks.

The Dodge was offered in basically two models. There was the standard model, which could be optioned out to any extent the owner wished, and there was a sport sedan model. The Sport model had full-time all-wheel drive, ground effects, 8-star allow wheels, spoiler, and the 135hp DOHC 2.0 L engine. The car themselves drive extremely smooth and handle amazingly well on account of there anti-sway bars in the rear and huge coil shocks up front. The motors perform fairly well and can move the cars at surprising speeds; in fact the DOHC engine is still used in the mighty Eagle Talon and Plymouth Laser. The only downfall to these cars was there high price and poor automatic transmissions, but aside from these facts the Dodge 2000 GTX was and is a great car.

[The reason why the 2000GTX existed as a Dodge and Eagle is because Mitsubishi did not have an official presence in Canada.]


4 cyl SOHC 2.0 L Engine, 5-Speed Transmission, AM/FM Stereo Tape, Aluminum/Alloy Wheels, Cruise Control, Power Antenna, Power Brakes, Power Door Locks, Power Mirrors, Power Steering, Power Windows, Rear Window Defroster, Tilt Steering Wheel, Velour/Cloth Seats



- 4 cyl SOHC 2.0 L (105hp)

- 4 cyl DOHC 2.0 L (135hp)


2.0 L SOHC - 0-60 : 9.8 sec Top speed : 190 km/h

2.0 L DOHC - 0-60 : 8.2 sec Top speed : 190 km/h

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