1995 Plymouth - Dodge Neon vs 1994 Plymouth Sundance / Dodge Shadow

The 1995 Neon or the 1994 Sundance (P-body)?

Comparison Neon Sundance/Shadow/Duster Winner
Doors Poorly designed frameless windows, prone to noise and leaks Traditional doors that open all the way. P-Body
Price Competitive, starting at $10K Bargain!, starting at $8K, with rebates dropping the price further P-Body
Power (base) Vroom! after 3,000 rpm or so. 132 hp, 129 lb-ft. Better from idle than the Neon, but no vroom! 93 hp 2.2 or 100 hp 2.5. If you don't rev high, Shadow wins. Acceleration on Neon under full throttle is far superior Neon, with qualifications
Power (optional) 150 hp. 140 - 150 hp but more power at low rpms; gas mileage penalty Depends on taste
Torque (base) Good at about 130 lb-ft. Good at about 130 lb-ft. Kicks in earlier. Goes uphill in fourth at 25 mph with a/c. P-Body
Torque (optional) Same as base engine! Kicks in earlier than Neon. P-Body
A/C Excellent cooling but prone to leaks. Longer-lasting but using R12 makes refills harder. P-Body
Heat Excellent - warms up incredibly fast. Good - warms up fast. Neon
Visibility Good, one blind spot. Good. P-Body
Wipers Excellent coverage but oddball size; large blades wear out faster Excellent coverage. P-Body
MPG (stick) 29/38 27/33 (2.2), 26/32 (2.5)- less for V6, more for turbo Neon
MPG (auto) tops out at 33 tops out at about 31 Neon
Manual trans good stick feel clutch could be a LOT smoother, OK stick feel, balky reverse. Neon
Trunk Normal for class Large for class P-Body
Back seat room Large Normal for class Neon
Front seat room Normal for class Normal for class Draw
Squeaks and rattles Long term, fewer squeaks and rattles, once windows are fixed Windows are fine but the rest of the car ... Neon
Reliability Matter of opinion Matter of opinion n/a
Warranty 3/36 or 7/70 plus roadside assistance. 3/36 or 7/70. Neon
Maintenance Replace the plugs and oil. Also have to do the timing and rotor. Neon

Updated in 2008.

Neon | Sundance and Shadow

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