The 1994 Duster and Shadow ES

I bought a 1994 Shadow ES four-door in October 1993 with every option except for power windows/locks, sunroof, and CD player. The ES package included the rear spoiler and fog lights along with other features. Many options weren't available unless you ordered the ES package first. [Webmaster note: this included a tachometer! And the trip computer.] Options that year, which I got, included the Mitsubishi V6 (141 advertised horsepower), 4 speed overdrive auto trans, air conditioning, four wheel ABS disk brakes, and sport suspension package (came with 15" wheels and Goodyear Eagle GTs). Note that the 15" inch wheels were not available alone. [Webmaster note: All 1994 ES/Dusters came with a stiffer sport suspension than regular Shadows and Sundances. Many regular ES/Dusters came with Eagle GAs on 15 inch wheels or 14 inch wheels in a wider size with a lower aspect ratio to make the speedometer read the same way on the same pinion].

 There was only a choice of two interior colors, tan or grey. For exterior colors, there were "standard" colors, which included metallic green, white, and red. Other color choices were an extra $70 if you wanted them. ES models in some colors came with gold or silver appliqué trim on the hood bulge and on the bottom of the doors.

Performance: Nothing but good news to report here. I must admit there were times when I had flashbacks to my teenage years sitting at red lights. I've beaten Mustang GTs, Taurus SHOs, Grand Prix, and a bunch of other types. I've tried to determine the top speed but the best I've been able to do is 110 mph due to traffic and my own fears. I assure you though, there was plenty of pedal travel left, so I'm sure it could have gone faster. Handling is very good despite the car having a high center of gravity.

This was my first car with ABS, and I'll never get another car without it. While the stopping distances on dry pavement are increased, it has saved me from 3 different potential accidents on ice, one of them would have been serious. My Shadow has 40K now and the brakes are still in fine shape, no need to replace anything yet. As a matter of fact, the only thing that's been done in that 40K is routine maintenance (oil changes and a change of coolant). This is off topic, but one thing my Dodge dealer does is offer lifetime oil and filter changes for $6.95 if you bought the car there. Its actually cheaper than doing it myself.


Mog Moogle wrote: “I've been racing my Shadow ES for a few years now, did a lot of work to the engine, didn't have to do too much to the drivetrain or handling, though a set of disc brakes is on the lineup for the rear wheels along with a brake bias, (I can't stand the lack of stopping power on those drums.) According to the specs, it can do every bit of 145, unfortunately is governed at 120 mph. I've had it there more than once, at 120 when the governor engages, the computer cuts all the power form the throttle to the engine until it slows to 110, then everything reengages.”

kwenger1 pointed out some corrections in this page and added:

This is what was standard on ES: Dual outside manual remote mirrors [also on regular Shadow/Sundance with a/c package], AM/FM stereo, fascia body color, heel and toe type accelerator and brake, sport suspension, air dam, spoiler deck lid, 195/60HR15 radials,wheel covers.)

I bought my Indy red shadow ES 2-door in November 1993. It is the somewhat "rare" 5-speed. It has the 27G package with a/c, tinted glass, rear defroster, floor mats, light package, cassette stereo, 14" aluminum wheels, intermittent wipers.

 The available colors for 94 shadow ES were Bright Turquoise Metallic, Emerald Green Pearl Coat, Wildberry Pearl Coat,Black Clearcoat,Bright White Clearcoat,Indy Red Clearcoat,Aqua Pearl Coat,Electric Blue Metallic Clear coat,Raspberry Red Pearl Coat. Raspberry and Electric Blue have medium quartz lower body panels. Aqua could only be had on 4-door Shadow. Electric Blue, Raspberry, were extra cost.

Some interesting 1994 options included: Full size spare tire (aluminum wheel spare if applicable), Overhead Console with thermometer sunglass bin and garage door opener holder, 15" aluminum wheels, 205/60/15 tires. The overhead console and 15" wheels. I have never seen any with this [overhead console].

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